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t i; c t 

C E A A 

V R T 

P A C / /' / C _ £1 XL -/--.■£-£=----""- - r ~ -""q 

f> / 1 

/■; \ \ 

r s r n \ l 

S O I T H r A 

O C E A 


R E E N I A N 


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A T L 

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«3tW OBKW6T 








^c5 (9 












'This 85th volume of the Sou'wester 
is dedicated to (Dean Swift. After 
a twenty -three year career of 
honourable \ s twice to Southwestern 
'University as Dean of Students, 
he retired in June of 1988. 


'William Dewey Swift 


MP mm - 




*> % 


paga 14 







&&d rganizations 


nterco Uegi&ke Sports 


mzmp&dal "Events 







\ Si I!:!": : ' '. 

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.«' j.t. 


G E \A N\ 

l '{fi 

: ':'■ ' : \ : ' : ' : 

\ ■■ 


2Vurtay reprinted from lime magazine. 


H X 21 O OF 

: ; : . :: ' : : : i ^ . ■•• '. 


T/A ?W.j/?/,K 

1 V. ." -<».• 


■>'., anil vt>:l! asimitii 
■: : , nutilhyr&d a.'; f|'n; . 

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iii.'JH.'/ '^ci/ii.- frmu'itlKti of ifu: f'ri.'ah:.'" juim:, h'.\<:!i:t 
,; $u» 'i'iH.'C I'l/h.-ft-na: iv, 5 ; , ^jmr*' 


fib ! X i//" iu 

1 V¥i 



E N J I A 

■ ■;■ ■:■■■. 

|N D -**■? 




.of" V> 

D_i Oh' 

;• '■■.^.'■ v -'' : ' ■-■; 

■■: '.-<;" : 




::,.■ ■■■'. 

" :-: " 

■ "■■'•■■' C«Ot£ 


; ■■■■( 



v S$f 

dr S&< 

June 1987 Congressional Iran-Contra hearings begin. Members of 
Congress investigate the legality of the arms for -hostages deals with 
Iran and the funneling of prof its from those sates to fund the Contras 
in Nicaragua. 

J/U«/ 1387 Lt. Colonel Oliver 9{prth testifies that, "I was author- 
ized to do everything I did,... ' in his rote as Rational Security Advi- 
sor during the Iran-Contra hearings, (bottom, right photo) 
(President %gnald%eagon initiates the, ref tagging of tankers in the 
Persian Qutfin order to put them under US. 9{avy protection 
against terrorist attacfqs. 

fAllgUSt 1987 9\[ew Age believers gather around the world on 
mountaintops and pyramids to celebrate the dawn of a new day 
during the ^Harmonic Convergence, (top, left photo) 
October 1987 Monday, October 19, 1988, the StockM^ket 
plunges 508 points, a larger percentage decline than the Crash of '29. 
February 1988 American athletes compete in the 1988 Winte 
Olympic games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (top, right photo) 

: ■ 

■ ■■■■ 



V\ T 

1 "%\>yw 

Si, Hf: 


■,- : ::; ■ 


A W 




• -dzJ..Liik,li:-j-UM 


.: ■!■'■■>■■ > ■ V:-:: ' : J :; Y — :: : 


•"'« ■ 




■■"■■'... ' ■"' '"lira::, :>i. /?,, 




.: ^ . : ■ 


' ■■■■■- -;--'-l>H;l,..r 

""■;■■ '"■■.* v.,/,"",/, •-■;" ;';:*«?? » 
■: s ' -1 : 



AS« !: 

1 g ,^w 




«K j 

■ ■■'■■■ 


skates reprinted from ' 

■ : 

: : ' MA H' 

1VZ. U. -Vu«k» 

■.:;;;■ 5/:-"'<i' 

'■VI ! "<:■ '-rill; M>,{ a.<,»i;l'j'M 

Oil.'., y-'-i I' 

fr»!> mono ^ -Si;: 


jjt ! .°P" i ^tiiiiiii4i»li8gM» 


3- 1 


fatly / 

/ * :: .:--"-V;'" i -*8 

*7 "i? 

f : f;. 


f^/ot/ i9£7 Colorado Senator Qary Hart drops out of the race for tlie 1988 

(Democratic presidential nomination after the Miami %t1 'aid 'reports fiis affair 

tint ft model 'Donna Rice on Board the yacht 'Monkey 'Business. 

May 25 marks the 50th Birthday of San fransisco's golden Qate 'Bridge. 

August 1987 'Xprthwest Airlines flight 255 crashes on a highway in 'Detroit 

kilting 154 passengers and crew. One girl survived. 

SeptemSer 1987 The foundations of the PTL CluB television ministry headed 

By Jim andTammy faye Backer Begin to collapse, the result of a se^scandat. 

{Bottom, right photo) 

The Bicentennial of 'the US. Constitution is celebrated nationwide, (top photo) 

'Dance legend BoB fosse dies in < Hew r fork.City. 

OctoBer 1987 With the networks Broadcasting to every city in America, young 

Jessica McClure is pulled from a well in Midland, Te^as, 58 hours after she fell 


13 prominate 9{ew ffork^dance companies appear in dancing Jar Life to raise 
money for AIDS groups and many other artists perform similiarly for the fatal 
disease that is Becoming more wide spread. 

Judge RpBert Borkj Supreme Court nomination is rebuked By the IIS. Senate in 
the largest dissenting vote against a Supreme Courts nominee in history: 58-42. 
(Bottom, left photo) 

'Democratic presidential candidate Joe Siden withdrazvs from the campaign after 

admitting to plagiarism. 

The Rational football League Tlayers Association goes on strike. Scab" players 

take their place and resume the season in front of empty seats. 

ffovtmb&r 1987 After admitting that he smoked marijuana at Harvard during 

the 1960s, 'Douglas Qinsburg withdraws as a nominee for the IIS. Supreme 


tDecemSer 1987 Wall Street mogul Ivan Boeskg is convicted of insider trading 
and sentenced to three years in prison. 

former White House Chief of Staff Michael Deaver is found guilty of three 
counts oflijing to a grand jury. 

January 1988 l&puBlican and 'Democratic candidates for their parties' nomi- 
nations Begin the long race to the conventions, for the Q.O.T.: Qeorge Bush, 
%$>bert Vote, JacfKemp, <Pat Robertson, Pete DuPont, and Alexander Haig. 
for the democrats: Mike Dukakis, Jesse Jackson, At gore, Taut Simon, H(ichard 
Qebhardt, Bruce Babbit, and ' gary Hart. 

feS'ruary 1988 Tekvangelist Jimmy Swaggart is defrocked after reports of 
sexual misconduct. 

April 1988 "The Last 'Emperor' is namedBest (Picture during the Academy 
Awards. Cher and Michael Douglas receive Oscars for Best Actress and Best 
Actor, respectively. 

May 1988 former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan reveals in his 
Bootthat first Lady 9{ancy Reagan uses astrologers to plan the 'President's 


; '"Hi 


Vhoto courtesy ofWitfiamson County Sun. 
Map art by Virginia Vaughan. 





TEX/', - , " . ■- : 

: ■ '"' ' 

. /?# ■>»- 


SeptemSer 1987 "Pope John 'Paul II says mass for 275,000 people in San 
Antonio during His IIS. tour. It marks the first time a Catholic pontiff visits 
Te^as. (bottom photo) 

January 1988 Snow in Texas' (top photo) 

March 1988 Super Tuesday (Primary results: Vice President Qeorge'Bush for 
the. %§.publicans and 'Massachusetts Qovernor Mike 'Dukakis for the democrats 
xoin ing in Te?(as, the'targest state in the primary. 

* f > 



; i«ittfw» 

"" .<-..»■■■>$ 

.- ■.: 

, :,;" 

■?&£ ■ 

&fr%£-&& r , 

;., .■ .;■ ■ :;. 


-»-«L !■■■ ■ ■ ' **s« 

./■ ' ■■'■ 

- ■ ... 



• »&•»*» -■» 




.'<, -' 

■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ 

Photos courtesy of c Wittiamson County Sun. 

'Map art By Virginia 'Vaaghan. 




- ar^ c 


f^/in/ i W.3 ototi^ of rain causes major flooding, (top, [eft photo) 
September 1987 Qeotgetown's new city library opens to the public with 
Southwestern s 'Winston <Davis of the <Winston Davis 'Ensemble playing for the 
opening bash crowd, (middle, right photo) 

(December 1987 georgetown Square is the site of the Christmas Stroll, (bottom 

feBrwry 1988 Dr. Martha Mitten Men, professor of history, is named 

Citizen of the year in georgetown. (top, left photo) 

ftpril 1988 Southwestern Junior Jan Viewers wins the Miss Georgetown 

pageant, (middle, left photo) 

r, pA 

\ fJ) mi^/ 

** ft * 



So < U r T9{ c WTS ( TE'K3t 



Vfwto courtesy of Williamson County Sun 


May 1987 Southwestern University graduates 158 students. 

August 1987 1134 students Begin classes at Southwestern making enrollment 

the largest ever, (bottom, right -photo) Ji^ 

OctoBer 1987. Southwestern hosts one of the largest homecomings in its 

history. Tikes win University Sing. -j, 

'1964 As The "Beatles" -perform in Atma Thomas Theater, (middle, right photo) 

Mask. & "Wig "Players present Summer and Smoke. " 

Modern composer "Philip glass performs his ""Kgyaanisqatsi" in the Alma Thomas 


9{pvem6er 1987 Southwestern 's women's volleyball team travels to "Wisconsin 
for the "H.A.I.A. Optional Championship, finishing third, (far left photo) 
Mask. & "Wig "Players produce "Mousetrap" with David "Jo^-Brenton. 
"December 1987 74 Southwestern students graduate in "Winter Commence- 

January 1988 Southwestern students return from Christmas vacation to find 
the nearly finished renovated Cody "Memorial Library. The new expansion- 
which doubled eating space-was named for A. "frank.Smith, jr., former chair 
of the "Board of Trustees, (top, right photo) 

IFeSruary 1988 "Dr. "Weldon Crowley's Brown Symposium, "Africa and Afro- 
America," brings author Ale^Maley, anthropologist "Donald 3 ohanson, professor 
Ivan "Van Sertima, and author "Paula Qiddings to campus. 
A record 7 50 guests attend '(Parents' and grandparents' "Weekend. 
Mask. & "Wig "Players perform "Pippin. " 

J%pri£l988 The Dance/Theatre Montage presents the first ballet ever per- 
formed at Southwestern to rave reviews. 

Students protest Southwestern 's awarding of an honorary degree to Speaker of 
the Mouse and ft. "Worth "Democrat Jim "Wright. 

Artist- In-2(esidence "Drusilia Muff master gives her final piano recital after 27 
years at Southwestern. 

May 1988 145 Southwestern seniors receive their diplomas at Commencement. 
June 1988 Sou'wester "Editor leaves for %$me, Italy. 

J"% /""" '" " ■■■ 




vtNk/^Q^ -3 *^^ # 






L. K/n. 


, f.' _' U 



vi. \ 

'V— ^- 

: /;-^ 




















(Drvrsratl 07 

^U ( M^9il ( IITS 


( D<E f P5W3M r E9{IAL flMMpS 


Holly M. %ing 

^foreign Languages 

Michelle A. Hudson 

Amanda C. "Ry&a ■ Qertrude Solomon Award for 'Lxcdknu in punch 

tyw Ti Delta Thi Members ■ Christina L. Crouch, 'Matthew 'B. 'Dean, Marissa 

Qritto, Tamela Q. Lester, C 'Michelle Mielly, Amanda C. 'KySa. 

tytO Sigma Delta Ti Members ■ fioretta M. Cemti, 'Philip L. "Henry, C Michelle 

Middy, Jabvenne D. %gwKi Sossy Sarikhanian, 'Hicholas A. 'Wolfe. 


Holly M. "King 

International Studies 

LlizabethA. 'Kflthburn 
Steven L. Self 



freshman "Wendy Helburn with Psychology (Professor Dr. %S.inehr. 

9{ai (Pictured 

Martha Mitten Allen 

Professor of history 

"WeldonS. Crozoley 

Professor of history 

Jan CarCetta 'Dawson 

Associate Professor and Chair of the (Dept. of 


Joseph Molitorisz 

Assistant Professor of foreign Languages 

Elaine M. Phillips 

Instructor of foreign Languages 

John 9felson "Russell Score, II 

Prof essor of "Religion and 'Philosophy 

Jfprman Woods Speffmann 

Professor of Religion and Philosophy; Chair of 

the 'Division of Humanities 

Marie S. "Tollerson 

Associate Professor and Chair of the P)ept. of 

foreign Languages 

Virginia A. Carwell- 

"Winston "B. Davis . 
DeborakS. Ellis- 

DavidJ. Qaines. 

JackJIhomas Harris- 

Halford"W. Haskell- 

Thomas "Walter "Herbert, Jr. 

"William "B. Jones. 
Charles A. "Rjecz_ 

"Professor and Chair of the 
Department of "English 

"Professor of "Religion 

Assistant "Professor 

of English 
Assistant "Professor 

of English 
Associate (Professor 

of English 
Assistant (Professor 

of Classics 

"Professor of 


(Professor of History 

. "Visiting Associate 


Cynthia Mahamdi. 
Sonia Riquelme 

Teeta M. Smith. 

"Jarley "W. Snell- 

"Professor of "Philosophy 

— Instructor of History 
_ Instructor of English 

- Assistant "Professor of 

foreign Languages 

_ "Visiting Instructor of 

foreign Language 

. "University Chaplain, 

Susan S. So. 

Q. Qregory "Washington. 

Associate (Professor and 

Chair of the Dept. of 

"Religion and (Philosophy 

Assistant "Professor of English 

"William Douglas Hooker- 

"Visiting Associate 

"Professor of "Philosophy 

- "Prof essor and Chair of 

Dept. of Psychology 



— ( £i'Dtlta c £hi 

french Monor Society, left to right: Amanda (RyBa, Marisa Qritto 
"KimBcrCy Trewitt, Michelle. Mielly. 9{pt present: (Matthew (Dean, 
Tarn. Lester, Christina Crouch and advisor 'Dr. Marie Tollerson. 

' Spanish Summer Abroad 



Left: (Dr. Sonia 'Kiquelme with students in 
Cuernavaca, MeTcico. 'Below. The Center for 
Bilingual Studies, where Southwestern 
students study each summer in Cuernavaca, 
Morelos, MeTcico. 

Jas&iqH. LwigiwQ'E Qkouts* 

France Semester fAbroad 

OviiddU: 9darisa Qrilto in front of the beautiful Chenonceaw^in 

'Trance during the fatC of 1987. Above: Amanda 'Kijba and 

9d.arisa Qritlo xoith a background of an oldfrench castte. 

CKenry c Kjusekopf, 

Carrie tHetmcamp and 

O^ickjWolk^on their zvay 

toMe?Q.cofor the 1987 

summer program. 




(Division of 

Social Sci^oicLs 

£. 'Kendall Mford 

Assistant Professor of Physical Education 

Qeorge £. 'Brigfttwell, 3r. 

Instructor of 'Economics and 'Business 


Teggy 'Dean Davis 

Visiting Assistant Professor of Education 

Leonoardf. Qieseck\e 

Associate Professor and Chair of the (Dept. of 

Economics and Business Administration 

florence C. Qould 

Visiting Professor of PotiticaC Science 

( LdxoardL. %ain 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Carta d'Estelle Lozvry 

Professor and Chair of the 'Department of 

Physical Education 

'Paul David Teat 

Basketball Coach and Assistant Professor of 

Physical Education 

%enneth P>. %pberis 

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business 


'Richard Santos 
Assistant Professor of Economics and Business 


f red Evans Setters 

Associate Prof essor of Economics and Business 

'William 'HictSikes 
Associate Professor and Chair of the (Depart- 
ment of Education 


Professor and Chair of the 'Department of 

Political Science 



0\[grt (PICTURED 

(Rebecca falkjBennish- 

Instructor of 'Economics 

and 'Business Administration 

B. Joe CohueCC (Prof essor of Economics and (Business 


Judson Samuel Custer Professor of Education, 'Director 

of Mood Heritage Museum 
'Richard T. Denman Associate 'Professor of Mathemat- 
ics and Computer Science 

Biliie Qarrett Jullingim Associate Professor 

of Education 

'Dan Craig Hiltiard Associate 'Professor and Chair of 

the Department of Sociology 
Assistant 'Professor of Education 
_ Assistant (Professor of Sociology 
_ Instructor of (Mathematics and 
Computer Science 

James L. Motion 'Baseball Coach, and Assistant 

Professor of 'Physical Education 

Qwen (Kennedy (h(eville 'Professor of Sociology 

Timothy J. 0'(h[eilC Associate (Prof essor of Political 

Jesse EuAng Turdy Associate (Professor of 

Sharon 'Kay Johnson. 
Kathryn B. Kramer- 
Louis H. Lightsey — 

(Robert C (Reinehr 

Qary (Hardin (Richter_ 

(Psychology, Chair of the 
Division of Social Sciences 
Assistant 'Professor of Psychology 
Associate (Professor of Mathemat- 
ics and Computer Science 

'Richard Santos- 

Assistant 'Professor of Economics and 
Business Administration 

Associate 'Professor of Economics 

andBusiness Administration 

Instructor of Mathematics and 

Computer Science 

Instructor of Mathematics and 

Computer Sc ie nee 

(Ralph Martin 'Whitmore Professor ofMathematics 

and Computer Science 

Jred Evans Sellers- 

Therese 9{. Sfielton. 

Bennett C. 'Watson. 



-Social Sci ( l < Hc c ls 0%GwHjz!A c no < x$ 

%n organization for students majoring in socioCogy. Left to right, row 1: 
DanieCZom, OQm?faney. %pw2: CamitteSantry, Jonathan JenswoU,%pb 
Darrah,Susi ( Bertram,Dr.Qiven c K^nney9^vUk. %$v)3: Void, flagged 
%siin, Debbu'VanDyks-,Shannon!Hart,JodkSteger, c Ernit'M.a{^tt. 9{pt 
■pictured: Tracy Parting. 



Thcnationalhonorarypsychologyfraternity. Left to right, Bottom row: 'Kg.tiaTeredes, Sharon Lundgren. %pwZ: Cindy'Batot, 
9&ncy c Wofford,'E[iza6etfi c WheeUr. %pw 3: %pbyn Qreb,%pbin 'Davenport, Jennifer Qirou^ 1(pw4: leather Witt, Lisa 
fottute, Dr. Jesse Turdy (advisor). %pw 5: Clancy 'Weigand, HQiren %pper. 



-Alpha. 'Kappa Psi 

The Professional Business fraternity. Left to right; row 1: Dianne Qguyen, Leeanna <Brunson, 
Brandi Towed, Michelle Mucha, Michelle Qlictu Judy Manriqucz. %cm> 2: MarkMorales, Shawn 
Itfltse, Susan Tarter, Lori 'Dunham, Teresa 'Espinosa, Mike Moreiand, Marsa Mangrum, Davis 
"Huang. %pzo3: Jon Xpnnedy, D avid Sulkou) ski, 7{ptlSy, DianneHobratshkt 9QmSheffk(d, Holly 
Marshall, 9{estor Berrocal, Dr. Leonard Qieseck. (advisor). 9(pt pictured: Linda Hall Mike. 
'Kasmiersky, %pckJBrozim, Malik Moss. 

'Political 'Science Society- 

hjconomics and 

'Business administration 
Melissa %. Marcon 

Accounting Excellence Award 
%grin S- 'Brown 

The 'Wad Street Journal 

Achievement Award 


9{ew members in the Tsi Chi: 
Belinda % <Bak]er 
Jennifer L. 'Barkfnan 
'Duncan C. Cormie 
Linda 3. Mad 
Sarah. L. Tressly 
Silke A. Sard 
Amy C. Schmidt 
"Elizabeth, J. Stanley 
%aren L. 'Winn 
Michael T. young 


Hfie 9{ational Education Association 
Student Trogram Awards for exceptional 
performance in student teaching and 

Theresa E. (Deal 

Melissa Dillingham 

Elizabeth. A. %athburn 

Julie M. %g.eves 

Elizabeth. A. 'Wheeler 

-Lfiysical 'Education 

Annette Jacobs on 

Outstanding Achievement 


%aren J. Johnson 

JrankE- Luksa Award 

Left to right: Leigh Mt%at, Donald Campbell, Channing 'Burke, Dr. Suh (advisor). 


Sou zv ester 

(Division oj 

y&IW&L & J%*P£/££> Sci ( E9^C f ES 


Mathematics and Computer Science 

John 'Barnes Chapman 

Associate (Professor and. Chair of the 

'Department of Mathemactics and Computer Science 

'Lb Carl Qirvin 

Tr of ess or of 'Biology 

Jrtd.%. Ofilgcman 

Professor of Chemistry, Chair of the 

(Division of 9{atural and Applied Sciences 

iHorace SamueC JacoB 

Associate (Professor of 'Biology 

'Edufin M. Lansford, Jr. 

(Professor of (Biochemistry 

HipBert A. Morgan 

Associate 'Professor and Chair of the 

(Department of 'Biology 

'WiCCiam'D. O'Brien 

Assistant 'Professor of (Physics 

%pbe.rt C. %gedtr 

(Professor and Chair of the (Department of (Physics 

Iherese 9(. Snefton 

Instructor of (Mathematics and Computer Science 




;%; m 


9{gt Pictured' 

Qidnar 9f. 'Razuji 

Assistant (Professor of Chemistry 

Robert L. Soukn 

Professor and Chair of 'the. 'Department of Chemistry 

Dr. Vicente D. Villa, professor of (Biology at Southwestern, was awarded, 
the Minnie Stevens (Piper foundation award for his dedication to the 
teaching profession and outstanding academic, scientific and scholarly 
achievement. Dr. Villa is one often fe^as professors honored By theSan 
Antonio based foudation this year. 



Chemistry majors 
'David Vanderstraten 
(Ceft) and Susan 'Dindot 
(right) assist Qeorgetorun 
"High School student Claire 
1(ussell (center) tuith an ex- 
periment on 9{ationaC 
Chemistry CDay. 
Thoto courtesy of 'Wittiamson 
County Sun. 



• Southwestern Science Society- 

9fa<iWtL & Apemed ScivHqes Jfavwps 

Southwestern Science Society Mem- 
bers, left to rig fit, front row. Chrisie 
Moulds, David "Vanderstraten, Susan 
<Dindot, Leslie "Wilson, S fieri Qipson, 
Maria Qelbert, Dr. Morgan. "Bacf^ 
row: "Dr. Jacob, Dr. "Villa, "Dr. 
Soulen, Tim "Brinkman, (David 
"Walters, John Cheyney, "Dr. Qirvin 



JilCC "tiagar 

American Chemical Society Award 
Monica "Kuttacfi 

freshman Chemical Award 
%gdney % "Waddle 

"Best freshman Analytical Chemist-1987 

jvLatfiematics and Computer Science 

Marie-Claire Abelanet 

Aikin Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics. 

9\ew Southwestern Science Society Members: 

Angela M. Asher 
Qlenn A. "Blackzvood 
Jana L. Coofi 
John T. "Davies 
Maria C. Qefabert 
Sheri L. Qipson 
Michael '% 9<olan 
Shaun 9{. "Kjetzschmar 
"David A. Love 
Daniel "B. Merritt 
Michael Tellegrini 









9\[ai 'Ticrmgrn* 

Anthony T. Odessa 
Assistant Professor of Music 

Virginia Ofyde (Dupuy 
'Visiting Artist in Voice 

Thomas C\C Ofoive 

Assistant Professor of Art "History 

(DrusitCa Of uff master 

Professor of Piano; Artist-in-Residence 

Ifancy McCCain 
Assistant Professor of Music 

Ofsuefi-'y'ung Shen 
Assistant Professor of Music 

Judy Thompson 
Instructor cf "Dance 


from the. Theatre and Speech Communications 

department, left to right: Qten McCCish, Assistant 

Professor; "Kathleen M. Juhl, Instructor and 

Visiting Artist ; %gbin John Schraft, Assistant 

Professor; Richard J. 9-CossaCCa, Associate Professor 

and Chair of the Department. 

felecia 9vt. Johnson 

Instructor of Music 

f___ ^L> W\ 

Qeorge £. 9{elson 

v^ ^^ * 

Professor and Chair of the 

V/w^> 1 

'Department of Music 

f. 'Ellsworth. Teterson 

Professor of Music, Chair of the 

faculty of the School of fine Arts 

^^^ ^B i". > , ^B 

Raymond Lee Schroeder 

Assistant Professor of Music 

'Kenny M. Sheppard 

Assistant Professor of Music 

'Education and Choral 'Music 

Victoria Star Vomer 

Instructor and Visiting Artist in 


TatnckjB. Veerkamp 

Associate. 'Professor and Chair of 

the 'Department of Art 

Assistant Trofessor of Art 
Mary Ann Visser with her own artworks 





- Vocal Music 

'iftfll : 


Southwestern Singers 

University Chorale' 




<27te Company 

Above, 'The, Company, 
Southwestern s musical 
interpretation troop. 
Left to right, row 1 : 
Carta Crowe, ''Marc ( ErcH u 
Courtney franks, 
9{icfiotas de La %gsa. 
%qw2: (D'Lane'RimkCes, 
Tracy %g.ese, Tracy 
Traver. %pw3: 2(pbert 
Linhart, %gd Sanford, 
TatrickjM.artin. 'Hot 
pictured is faculty 
director %athken Jufd. 

'Brad'WesseCman, John 'Whitehurst, 'Bobby Linfiart and Joe Case entertained the 
Sing audience at Oiom&coming as an accappetta quartet. 



Iitf$rm!PM t E#ff%L OVfusic 


first 'Violin 

(Betty (Brashear 

Wendy (Rpss 

Diane Leidel 

<3o6 Martin 

Second ''Violin 

John flapper, (Principal 


(Doug laSony 

Car ok 'WoodaH 


Mnn Stutes, (Principal 

Leslie (Penney 

(David TrouttnOn 


MaryJZnne limner, (Principal. 

Susan Wukasfi 

Linda Davis 



(Brian (Bclun, (Principal 

Wayne McLemore 


%nnt Meadows 



(Kristina (Davis , 


Martha Atkins 
Susan Olkkpk. 
'Bassoon ■ ; ,' v 
(Releoca Cheney - 
(frig Head '. 
9Qrs ten (Peterson 
Jennifer Qirou^ , 


; QarytRjchUr y; 
,<Deanna "Wel&orn 

John Villa/ana 
John <Wfdufturst 
%gxanne 'Barnes 


'Bolly Linhart 

Ttmpatti '';••..'•.- 
;. (Kflt Callaway ■ 

'. %c& Callaway 


Mary 9mn Humphreys 

Stage, 'Band 


•Symphonic (Band. 

Qeorge O\[e[son 


Kjistina 'Davis 
Lisa ffari 
Laura Kimball 


Martha Atkins 
Rebecca Cheney 
Qreg Mead 
Cynthia 'Buchanan 
Michael Murtado 
Melissa Maurer 
'Bass Clarinet 
Leigh McRae 
Mto Saxophone 
Sarah Tspinoza 
Maria Tfeiffer 
'Davis Streitman 
Tenor Saxophone 
Steve Olardi 
'Baritone Saxophone 
Michael frontz 

Anne Meadows 
Lee Ann Sommer 

leather Miller 
Xancy 9{ettCes 
Aiken Oandasan 

Kathryn Callaway 
(Donna Hastings 
'David Kratz 
Trench 'Horn 
BLvangelyn Claris 
Angela McChesney 
'Deborah 'Volker 
Teggy Mailey 
Kent Maythorn 
Steve Self 
Craig Strickland 
Marry Mill 
Rpbert Linhart 
'Kristin Baker 
'Valerie Tilcher 
Kim Larson 
Michelle Boykin 

Renee Treiss 
Michael Rpberson 
John 'Whitehurst 

'Elizabeth Towell 
'Deanna 'Welborn 

'Brian Lieke 
Bo 'Villemain 

far left: Kris tin Baker and 
StaceySims. Middle: Qerald 
Cantor and Andy Branden- 
berger. "Right, row 1: Jana 
Cooki Steve Olardi, 'David 
Streitman, Sarah Tspinoza, 
Sharon Lundgren. Rpw 2: 
Teggy Mailey, Bo 'Villemain, 
Brian Lieke, Kent Ofaythorn. 
Rpw3: t DavidKrau,%at 
Callaway, John 'Whitehurst, 
Reness Treiss. 9{pt pictured: 
'Donna blastings. 




MasGi & "Wig Ttayen 

%pw 1: Michael Sullivan, Lynn McCnary, Melinda Lee, Courtney franks. %pw 2: Melissa Miller, Carta Crowe, John Seymour, 
'Xjystal'E^id, Mike Maiden. %pw 3: (Dr. 9-CossaCCa, (Kathleen J uhl, 'HickJDe La %psa, JQisty Woods, Tracy 'Rj.ese, H(ac/iel foote, 
'Erin Men, Leettnn CCemons, Jolene <Turgeson. %pw 4: (Brenda (Burton, (Dr. Schraft, Stephen Wolf. 9^pt (Pictured: IQm 'Breckpn, 
Jeff Motion. 

Southwestern Summer Stage 


%pwl: 'Buffy Evans, Marcie Walsh, %rystal%$id, Michelle finchir. %pwl: O-leather (Dearies, Carla Crowe, John Seymour, 
Chris Jennings, Russell (Pierce, Barrie (Page "Davis, LeeRnn CCemons, JDaznd Staid. %pw 3: Dr. MossaCCa, l&nee Moke, %pd 
San-ford, (Petetfirsh, Todd flagg. 

Alpha Tsi Omega, a na- 
tional dramatic honor- 
ary fraternity. Left to 
right: O^cf^de La %gsa, 
LeeAnn CCemons, 'Dr. 
Schraft, 'Brenda 'Burton, 
Tracy %§.ese, Carta 
Crowe, Jeff Motion, 
John Seymour, Steven 
'Wolf, 'Kjisty 'Woods. 

Mpfia Tsi Omega 

Ti'Hl 5\$fis tDwswijMwfjyuL Slumps 


9(. 'Elizabeth Schlatter 

Laura A. Turner 

Leslie C. 'Williamson - The 'Bob Lancaster Award 


0(irsten (Peterson 

Q. Carole 'Woodall 

IQrsten (Peterson ■ Mary Lynn 'Webb Starnes Music Award 

'Kirstin M. Baker ■ (Dean Henry E. Meyer Memorial Music Composition Award 

Delta Omicron Awards: 

Marc D. Ercf^ - Senior 'Honor Tin 

'Elizabeth A. Towelt - Star of {Delta Omicron 

Theatre, & Speech. Communication 

L. D'Lane l&nktes 

Lance M. Ball - Angus Springer Memorial Scholarship in Theatre 

Marissa 'Karstetter - first Tlace, Annie Edward Barcus Minga Speech Competition 

Henry 9{. Stone - Second (Place, Annie Edward Barcus Minga Speech Competition 

%enneth M. flint - Third Tlace, Annie Edward Barcus Minga Speech Competition 



Left: Summer Stage performers 
Oieather 'Dearies, Leeftnn 
Ciemons, Chris Jennings (visiting 
artist) and Carta Crowe in "Littk 
Shop of ^Horrors." 'Setow, the 
'cast of ,f Ihe Mousetrap," standing, 
left to right: ^Heather 'DeVries, 
Jeff Motion, Carta Crowe, Nich- 
olas <De La %gsa, Lance 'Bait; 
seated: Jenni Schwartz, RouTrej, 



'Right: Cast members Tim UvfcQarity and Julie Blister in 

Southwestern s production of "Summer and Smoke. " Below, 

right: Sonja Peterson glances up at Courtney franfe in "A 

Montage' performed in April. 'Bottom, middle: CarlaCroxoe 

andRpy Irejo in Agatha Christie 's thriller "The Mousetrap. " 



A. This renewable scholarship is determined 6y academic achievement, high school and\ 
S community involvement, and 6y personal interview. There are only 12 "Brown Scholars > 
at Southwestern at any one time. "Pictured left to right are John (Dapper, Shelly Immel, 
Sharon Qraham, "Llise Qonzalez, Shannon Mart and Craig Mc9Qnney. "Hot pictured: 
S fieri Qipson, Mary Ann Humphreys, Alicia Laritz, Sarah "Pressly, "Thanh Van andl 
Holly Xing. 

(P$£SI<iyE9&IAL ScHOLmS 

Victor Sleep don 
%?7(cmne £. 'Barnes 
Susan %f. Qarza 
livy L. 9{gbies 
Trade *D. Shehon 



A national honorary leadership 

fraternity for 

Corey Anderson 
"Marc "Lrck^ 
Mike Lade 
%gfael "Palaganas 
Qreg Warming 
"Donald Campbell 
Mike Lysinger 
Jay "Richards 
"David VanderStraten 
James "Turner 
Alan %ee 
"David Sulkpwski 


John "Davies 
"William Jordan 
"Dan Larriviere 
Steve Self 
Mike "Jlaniken 
Qlenn "Blackwood 
Jim Qrant 
Jerry House 
"Tim "Brinkman 
Matthew "Dean 
Robert "Bednar 


Members of the national undergraduate scholarship society elected from among the top ten percent of the junior 
and senior classes. Left to right, row 1: Molly graham, Connie McManus, Susan "Dindot, Sharon Lundgren, 
"Debbie Mittanck* Molly King (treasurer). "Row 2: Marc Erckt Sheri Qipson, 'Elizabeth "Rathburn, Jennifer 
girou?Q Lori "Boren, Karin Brown, Sherena Martin, Cyndi Merrill (secretary), Sharon graham, JQrsten "Peterson 
(president). "Row 3: Taut ' Venable, %elly "Kimbrough, Leslie "Williamson, "Beth Chapoton, "Donald Campbell, 
Melissa Marcom, "Ken <Jlint, "Herman Spellman (advisor), Michelle Mudson, (Dan "Ramirez, Leigh Ann Clemons. 

A national honorary leadership 
sorority for women • 

Stephanie gartner 
"Tracy Parting 
Irene "Patterson 
"Hancy "Walsh 
"Betty "Brashear 
Lara "Degenhart 
"Karen "Winn 
Cindy "Batot 
Christine Moulds 
Sharon graham 
"Tracy "Reese 
Sharon Lundgren 

Sheri gipson 
"Tracy Mayer 
Lea "Ream 
"Elizabeth "Wheeler 
"Rpbyn "Davenport 
"Kirsten (Peterson 
"Hancy "Wofford 
Sherina Martin 
Julie "Reeves 
"Patricia Jaramillo 
"Karen "Roper 

(members not pictured above) 
Melinda "Baker "Robert "Bednar 

Anji "Boswell 
Timothy "Brinkrnan 
"Theresa "Deal 
Tracy "Harting 
Alan "Kee 
"Pam Lester 
Anne "Hgo 
Silk?- Sahl 
ThankThi Van 
Amanda "Ryba (vice pres.) 
Steven E. Self 
"Dinko E. gonzalez 
Scott "B. "Kimbrough 

glenn "Blackwood 
Latisha Campbell 
Linda Jean Mall 
Mary Ann Mumphreys 
Alicia Laritz 
JackjWayne Little 
Michael "Sow ell 
James Andrew 
Susan "Williams 
Melissa "Dillingham 
Lisa C. "Jlori 
Shelly A. Immel 
L. "D'Lane "Rankles 

198 7 f!ALL c Dis c ri < H£mo<JtLis < T 

Portia Leigh Cook. 
Kftty^ Kmbrough 
Tracy (Phillips 
Sally Snn Sbbott 
Qlen Don McSvoy, Jr. 
James TaulMcKay 
Honey Lee Tarker 
Q. 'Wayne McLemore 
•Erin M. Men 
Qlenn S. 'Blackwood. 
JuneS- Chen 
Thomas % Collins 
Stacey S Hurwitz 
Kymberii Ann Larson 
'Erie Vance Tatterson 
SmyL. "Vanwyngarden 
Brion "Walsh 
Leslie C. 'Williamson 
Holly Jean Qraham 
Wendy M. Hoefkje 
Sarah E. Calcoie 
Elizabeths.. Brashear 
Timothy Hplan Smith 
'Deborah % Mittantk. 
Scott Eugene 'Wagner 
Julie Marie. "West 
Jennifer L. "Barkman 
James John 7 agon 
Marissa Karstetter 
Elizabeths. Tow ell 
Belinda Kay Baker 
"Kelly M. Tenley 
"Huong Thi Nguyen 
Melissa "Dillingham 
Steven EdmondSelf 
Catherine M. Eartes 
Donald J. Campbell 
'j ] ackjWayne Little 
Cynthia E. Merrill 
Michelle A. Hudson 
"Kenneth M. Kphrs 
Linda J can Hall 
DavidlA.. Sulkowski 
Connie Jean McManus 
Hazel Leigh MdKae 
William "T. Tierce 
Juliet Snne Smith 
Edwa-rdS. Wolff 
Helenanne Butler 
Molly Snn McKpe 

Jill Suzanne Jones 
Joyce Delljarbrough 
Steve Min 
Monica E. Qutitrrez 
Lori Lynn "Baur 
Michael T. "young 
Dora S. Delamere 
"Diane Carol Crucian 
Linda Elaine Stemple 
"Richard C- 'Williams 
Kfithken f. Sllen 
Lisa Colleen flori 
Monica OQillafi 
Christopher TCumlee 
Sarah Jane "Buchanan 
Craig M. Carroll 
"Virginia C Ellis 
Michael l. Hurtado 
"Karen Jill Johnson 
Holly Marie King 
Kristine T. McQowen 
Joe S. "Nightingale 
Kirsten Teterson 
Michael T. Towell 
Sndy Lee Sheppard 
Stacey M. Sims 
Smy Mark Hutchinson 
Kjystn H Sheltronm 
Leigh Snn Clemens 
JillE. Qeorge 
Snn Jeanette Hall 
Elisa Snne fontenot 
"Wanda "Beth Hermes 
Travis "D. Staton 
Samara Temple Taysse 
"Rpbert M. "Bednar 
Qr egg Jason "Berretta 
Karin Suzanne "Brcrwn 
Stuart "Dak Colburn 
Catherine Conerly 
Heidi M. "feigenbaum. 
Maria C. Qelabert 
Claire "W. Harrison 
Catherine M. Hcndren 
Jerry f. House 
Mary Snn Humphreys 
Hqjun Kim 
Laura Snn Kimball 
James "Daniel Lagrone 

"Danielle Letourneau 
Leslie Marsh 
Christine Moulds 
Melinda Lea Murphy 
SonjaSnn Teterson 
Karen Lyn Hipper 
Sossy Sarikhanian 
Karen Lynn Schulze 
Brenten Thomas Seaks 
Charlotte E. Stockham 
Deborah L. "Van Dyke- 
James H. "Weaiherford 
Julie Lee "Wilbur 
Karen "Winn 
Byron S, Hamilton, Jr. 
Jennifer Snne Qwowc, 
Lori Snn "Boren 
Mane-Claire Sbelanet 
Teresa Snn Espinosa 
Carol Jean Reeh 
Qayion Dean Morris 
Sileen T. Oandasan 
Suzzanne L. Stahl . 
Karen E. Meyer 
Laura Snn "Wilson 
Monica "T. Simon 
Melissa Kay Mar com 
Sheila "D. Hobratschk. 
Stephanie "D. Baker 
Silas Brandenberger 
Tamrajean Trimble 
Martha NpttDelair 
Theresa EGse (Deal 
Qlen "Rpdney Braden 
"Vanessa Lynn "Davis 
Sharon Snn Qraham 
Lorrye D. (Rjtnkles 
Elise M. Qonzalez 
Melissa S. Miller 
Ki-vin "Wayne Corado 
LatishaS. Campbell 
John James fitter 
"Brian M. Lieke 
Duma Cheryl "Welch 
David Lee "Whitson 
"Wendy Qayle %pss 
"Dorothy L. "Wilson 
Timothy J. Brinkman 
Shown H. Kfetzschmar 

Sheralyn "D. Mott 
Bohdy D. Hedgcock, 
Beth L. Chapoton 
Craig J. McKinney 
Kevin Q. Hawthorne 
Karmen S. Thompson 
Daniel Q. Larriviere 
Kathleen Mae O'Hara 
T. "Russell Kirkscey 
Ernest TaulMcHjitt 
ErikjV. Larson 
Cherie Dunham 
Qayla ToddHagood 
Slicia Leigh Laritz 
Cynthia L. Olson 
Margarets. Tarker 
Slan Shackelford 
Thanh Thi "Van 
Sbdu-IM. Joosufani 
Shaista "yoosufani 
Stacy E. Chiesa 
Shelby Snne Holt 
"William B. Baker 
Dora Sngelica Qarcia 
Kimberly Snn Honey 
Katherine S. McDowell 
Dinkp E. Qonzalez 
Bridget M Collins 
%uth Snn McDonald 
BradC. "Weselman 
Travis "Bumal%oweU. 
Michelle Moore 
James EdwardTumer 
"Kenneth M. flint 
Elizabeths. "Wheeler 
Sherena L. Martin 
Shannon Jean hart 
Henry (RyallStone 
Kfisty %> "Waterman 
Duncan Craig Cormie 
"Virginia C. Ellis 
Dorothy E. McKce 
Silke Snne Sahl 
Jeffrey "W. Shell 
Jodie M. Sieger 
Qeraldine M. Selden 
Christopher D. "Kaesz 
"Bryan %. Bozeman 



1988S < mi ( Hg (Disir9&ri09lLis<T 

Tonia Leigh Cook. 
Kelly 'Ry.ih Kimbrough 
Sally Ann Abbott 
James A. Buf kin 
Kimberly Anne Lewis 
9{ancy Lee Parker 
Sharon R. Lundren 
'Erin M. Allen 
Jon 'Trederic Brinkfey 
Donald John Childs 
John Maurits 'Dapper 
Christopher Douglas 
Qay Lynn Oilman 
Kimberli Ann Larson 
Amy L. Vanwyngarden 
'Brim 'Walsh 
Leslie. C 'Williamson 
Anne E. Chapman 
Holly Jean Qraham 
Sarah E. Calcote 
Timothy 9{plan Smith 
Scott "Eugene 'Wagner 
Buff y Lin Tylor 
Piper E.Purcell 
Angela 'Beth Cooky 
9(elly M. Tenley 
Susan E. Hamrkk. 
Judith Ann Lukert 
Marissa Xarsutur 
Elizabeth A. Powell 
Annette M. Helmcamp 
Huong Ihi Olguyen 
Melissa Dillingham 
Catherine 94. Earks 
Donald?. Campbell 
Jack,Wayne Little. 
Julie Maureen Reeves 
Cynthia E. Merrill 
Michelle A Hudson 
'Kenneth M. Kphrs 
Lte Ann Sommer 
Christina L. Crouch 
Connk Jean McManus 
Brandon D. Quarks 
Jeffrey W. Shell 


Julkt Anne Smith 
Edward A. Wolff 
Cora J. Sandstrum 
Heknanne Butkr 
Molly Ann McKee 
Jill Suzanne Jones 
Steve Min 
Monka E. Qutkrrez 
Jennifer Castillo 
John Terry Davies 
Susan D. Schneider 
Diane Carol Crucian 
Kelly T. Absher 
%khard C. Williams 
Kathleen If. Allen 
Leigh "Trances Qard 
Angela M. Asher 
Sarah Jane Buchanan 
Virginia C. Ellis 
Holly Marie King 
Joe A. "Nightingale 
Kirsten Peterson 
'William J. Pkrce 
Kf-lly O'Lyn Poarch 
Stacey M. Sims 
Sally K Swartz 
Qenevkve H. Vkkcry 
Kiystn H. Sheltrovm 
Wanda Beth Hermes 
Samara Tempk Taysse 
Rpbert M. Bednar 
Jennifer L. Blume 
Karen Suzanne Brown 
Abigail D. Candish 
MkhaelA Chiang 
Rpnald Qene Chovanec 
Catherine Conerly 
Heidi M. "Teigenbaum 
Mkhelle % Qlkk. 
Janet Q. Henderson 
Catherine M. Hendren 
Mary Ann Humphreys 
Hqjun Kim 

Christine C. Moulds 
Thuong Thi Olguyen 
Karen Lyn Rpper 
Amanda C. Ryba 
Sossy Sarikhanian 
'Money E. Schlatter 
Rp^anne Simpkin 
Laura Ann Turner 
Julie Lee Wilbur 
Sharon Kay "Birch 
Lori Ann Boren 
Mark-Claire Abelanet 
Brenda Lou Burton 
Richard B. Bkdsoe 
Juan E. Brockmann 
Aiken P. Oandasan 
Suzanne L. Stall 
Karen E. Meyer 
John y. Lopez 
Sheila D. Hobratschk, 
Shelly Ann Immel 
Suphank D. Baker 
Kimberly Carter 
Marjorie A. Larowe 
Tamrajean Trimbk 
Jacquelyn Traisnel 
Theresa'Elise Deal 
Qkn Rpdney Braden 
Vanessa Lynn Davis 
Sharon Ann Qraham 
Lorrye D. "Rankles 
Elizabeth J. Stanky 
Silke Anne Sahl 
Melissa A. Miller 
Susan J. Parker 
Susan L. Driscod 
Chad Alan Schiffner 
Duan Cheryl Wekh 
CarokJ. Bryant 
Elizabeth Rathburn 
9{estor Berrocal 
Wendy Qayk Rpss 
Timothy J. Brinkman 
Sheralyn D. Molt 
Laura Ann Kimball 

Beth L. Chapoton 
Craig J. McKptney 
Kevin Q. "Hawthorne 
Karmen A Thompson 
Vkky Lynn McDaniel 
Ernest PaulMdHutt 
ErikjV. Larson 
Cherie Dunham 
Qoyla ToddHagood 
Pamela Qail Lester 
Cynthia L. Olson 
RjisseHj. Peterson 
Thanh Thi Van 
Mkhek Lynn 9{eppl 
Bobbi K Buffington 
Dora Angelka Qarcia 
Kimberly Ann Honey 
Kelly Jarred 
Melissa Danae Kwan 
Sarah Lee Pressly 
Karen Lynn Schulze 
Dinkp E. Qonzalez 
Rjith Ann McDonald 
Qina Roe Brannks 
Susan Mark Busch 
Travis Bumal RpweU 
James Edward Turner 
Sarah Lynn Beeson 
Elizabeth A. Wheekr 
Kevin Wayne Davis 
Shannon Jean Hart 
Scott Herbert Sharp 
Laura Ann Walker 
Laura Jane Rjunyen 
Adam Haughey 
Stacy Ann Swoboda 
Aurora Mary Mignosa 
James Andrew Stith 
Rebecca S. Cheney 
Corey H. Anderson 
Km A. Bartkcmncz 
Vokrie %. Salyer 
Qeraldine M. Selden 
Jodk M. Steger 
Lance MkhaelBall 
MkhaelScott Lade 
Pamela Q. Davidson 



17 Z 


■ / 





^' - .-' '-?"" 

^^"^ __-*■•• 



■■ -X 

OjJICL Of^tfL 




r .. - <r 2 


f^plT #• StilLLIOtQ, 3%> 


S ( Ec c ^E ( rmcf 






; (Provost and (Dean of me 
"Brozun College of Arts & 

Q. 'Benjamin Oliver 

(Dean of Students 

"William CD. Swift 


Jeanie Watson 

Associate (Dean for 
the (Brown College 
of Sirts & Sciences 

Associate (Dean 

for Libraries and 

Learning Resources 

Jon (David S war tz 

Associate (Provost and 
(Dean of fine Arts 

Theodore (D. Lucas 




Institutional %es ear cfi 

Williams < B. Jones 

Administrative, Secretaries 

Jaye. graham Johnson (Dorothy Q. Secor 
Sr. E^ec. Secretary Executive Secretary 

.. :■.. ;: ■■" 






%gthryn 94. 'Buchhorn 

Executive Secretary 

r Dean of(Brozim College of Arts and Sciences 

in l 
(Doris (Proctor 

'Executive Secretary 

(Dean of School of (Fine Arts 

j 1 

ip - 

- /it'* 

Christina Tickard 

Executive Secretary 

(Dean of Students 

%athryn Smith 'Brorvn 

Senior E^ec. Secretary 

(fiscal Affairs 


(Beth 'Williams 

Senior Secretary 

Institutional 'Research 

(Barbara Sappington 

Executive Secretary 

Support Services 


STuamMZ Lift, 

Jane Morgan *Bost 

(Director of 'Personal Services 

( Donati ( D. tteins 

9{gt Tictured 

!Anne Matthews 

Assistant (Dean for (Residence (Director of Career (Development 

Jan Pickett 

(Director of health Services 

Suzanne CBronsso (Peterson 

(Director of Campus International 

benjamin Sherman 

Assistant (Dean for Student 

Sou zvcstcr 

Left to ( Kight: "Kathleen !Moore Todd ■ Senior Secretary, Qeorge A. 
"Brightzvell, Jr. - Registrar, Charlotte Taylor ■ Clerks Janice Iford 
Oiesttr ■ Recorder 

■ ■ mm mm- 


'Busies Office 

Sonje ( B. Jofinson / t Director 
(DeS6ie Sanderfer, £^c. Sec. 

JlSCftL fAj7!AI%$ 

Left to 'Rjght: 'Richard L. Anderson - Comptroller, Trella Morgan Smith - Senior Clerks 
'Dorothy MachacekjWilliams - Senior Clerk* Leona Innmon Morris - (Personnel Assis- 
tant, (Diane Crucian -Student 'Employee, Carolyn Oi. 7agg - Clerks 'Betty Quzss 'Knauth 
- Director of Accounting, "Wanda A. 'Minyard - Senior Clerk* Jan Jordan Tuskarich ■ 
Executive Clerk Eileen Taylor Jacobs ■ Senior Clerk iSice, tPT&sid&Tlt i'OT TlStOL-l !A$QXTS 



Left to { EJ£fit: Michael Q. %gssman ■ Associate 'Director, James Qaeta ■ admissions Counselor, Trudy Qtzue 
9d.ohre ■ Associate (Director, John Lind ■ VSB. for Admissions, %aren Jranta - Admissions Counselor, 
Monty Curtis ■ Associate Director 

Office 07 i 


Left to Ifyjfit: 'Emmalee Quthrie Oiubble ■ 'Executive Secretary, 'Barbara 
Thkdc Thomas - Senior Secretary, Beverly J. Turner ■ Senior Secretary, 
Sharon A. tfehman - Secretary 

Vice President for Admissions 

John W. Lind ' IhT^ester 


evetopment and Univtrsity Relations 

1 ! 

'Development. Left to Right: Qwenddyn Scott - (Director of Annual Qiving, Karen Turdy ■ Senior 
Clerk, Jo Rpbinson - 'Executive Clerk, Carol Champion ■ 'Executive Clerk, Virginia fay ■ 'Executive 
Clerk, -J^ptSnozm: JohnOvi. Jtoukei ■ (Director of 'Special Annual Qifs Programs. 

University (Relations . Left to 'Right: Sharon Turman ■ T>ir. of Univ. Events, Ann prion - T>ir. of 
Communications, Carmen %eltner ■ 9{ews 'Bureau, 'Debbie 'Davis - Alumni Office Asst., Mary 
f Beth%arr- T>ir. of Alumni and Constituent Illations, Claire 9-lonnell ■ Senior Clerk, liptShozon: 
Cindy 'Vanover, 'Dan 'J'o^all, Jan O-lughes 9{pwlin, Joyce Rpsenbusch. 

Jon David Swartz . 

Associate. Dean for Libraries and 
Learning Resources 

faculty - 

0{grma Siviter Assadourian. 

John E. 'Bigley - 

Joanna fountain- 

Deborah J. 'Kramer . 

Joan g. Parks - 

Juditk P. Thompson- 


Xatherine Lee Stone 

'Bobbie Sigala 

Theresa Chikildin. 
Linda Codings — 

Susan Pason 

Dibi flummer — 

SUkt Qrapski 

J eanette holiday - 
Amy McCollough^ 

%ay Pernod 

Jlelen SeeCey 

Sue Starkey 


Collections Librarian 
humanities Division 

Director of Circulation 

9(atural Sciences Division 

Director of Technical Services, Social 

Sciences Division 

Acquisitions Librarian 

9{atural Sciences Division 

Reference Librarian 

fine Arts Division 

Cataloging Librarian 

^Humanities Division 


Director of Periodicals 

Asst. Cataloger/Asst. in 

Archives and Special Collections 

Senior Secretary 

Senior Clerk, 

Senior Cleric Technical 


Senior Clerki %gference Services 

Clerki Periodicals 

. Clerkj. Technical Services 
Senior Clerki Circulation 

Clerki (Periodicals 

Clerki Circulation 

Clerki 'Periodicals 

Clerki "Exhibits 

Cody Memorial Librar 

Above: The library in its last stages of renovation in the spring of 

'Below: Group photograph of staff members, row 1: Mrs. Kay Pen- 
rod, Mrs. Katherine Stone, Mrs. Linda Collings, Mrs. Joan Parks, 
Mrs. Oiprma Assadourian, Mrs. Pobbie Sigala. %pw2: Mr. John 
Pigley, Mrs. Deborah "Kramer, Mrs. Teri Chikildin, Dr. Jon D. 
Swartz, Dr. Joanna fountain, Mrs. tHelen Seeley, Mrs. Jutta 
Sharpe.. Individual photographs of various staff members, row 1: 
John 'Bigley, Teri Chikildin, Linda Collings, Susan Pason, Joanna 
fountain. %cnv 2: Alice Qrapski, Joan Parks, Jutta Sharpe, 
'Bobbie Sigala, Kfitherine Stone. 

< £%oclssi c H§ 

"Harold D. "Eidson, Jr. 

"Director of Computer Services 

"Barbara J. "Bitlss 

'Executive Clerks 

"Robert C. "Radford 


Left to Right: "Jrancis "Navarettee, 
"Bob Stage, "Denny "Piclcett, Lydie 
"Popozwch, (Mary "Maldinado, Lisa 
Larkfn and (David "Thompson pre- 
paring for (Mexican "Night in the 


Coordinator of Academic 

"Robert ft. Horict^ 

Qvmtvs "Police 

Taid ' Uptfugrove Chief of Tolict 

Donald M. Caraway 

Victor Odahagan 

James Trejftzs 

9{pt "Pictured: Edward H. Rlawunn 



Left tonight: frtddk. L. Loehr ■ foreman of grounds ancCBCdg. Services, Susan C Mitchett- T.^ec. 
Sec, 'DonaUn.yer ■ Physical TCant, John £. Smith, Jr. - Supervisor ofBCdg. Operations, 3.T>. 
"Buchanan ■ Supervisor of CentraCTCant, LaJuanaLangcrwski - CustodidSupervisorJosephLeTaje 
■ Supervisor ofMec. Operations. 

Verine M. Mueller 


'Kenneth "W. Chambers 

Senior Cleric 

Jay Q. tfubbard 

Senior Clerks 

PfiitfipsS. Baker 

(Director of 'Physical Plant 



fAnn ( E7([ey 
J(en Chambers 
Patricia Sanchez 
Student Cashier 
Scott Qriscom 
Student Stackers on 
Larry Conned 


S ouzo ester 





TTTT" r ■ 






'-:■•.-:-■.<:•»:' , : : ; : •;■:".' •?,#*; 

'■ : ■ 

■■;.,.,..._ ■ , ....,:■/,,.„. ,-.-..;■;;, ,:■. 

■ ■■■■ " ■-:■■ V:,. - 

. at**?**.* 

Opposite page, top: Soon-to-Be-graduated Michelle "Weils, 
"Michaela Harris and T.lyn 'Hants Before Commencement. 
Middle: Tim McQarity and the cast he directed in 'Lovers', 
•his senior project in theatre. Ticturedare Heather "DeVries, 
"Kjistie Jlynn, Scott Hanson, TeteSimon; Behind the curtain, 
Tim McQarity and assistant director JuRe "Blister. This page, 
top: Heather 'Witt, Cheryl Sutherland and Mary %gcks - 
roommates, graduates, and feet-fashion conscious. 

Left: December graduate Jessica Mitchamjust before shipping off to serve in the Teace Corps for two years in 
May of 1988. Move, middle: Anna Cooper and. "Heidi Lewis, four-year roommates at Southwestern. Above, 
right: Michelle. Mucha and Laura TyCer rela^ of ter performing with the Zetas in Sing. 



Craig Morris Carroll 
'Business/History, St. Joseph IL 
E. Amanda Carter 
'Psychology, Qeorgetozim 
Stacy E. Chiesa 
'Economics, l&wlitt 

Anna Qayle Cooper 
'Elementary Educ, Mauriceville 
John Terry 'Dames 
'Biology, Euless 
Theresa Elise 'Deal 
English, Mespuite 

Martha 9(elCCDeLair 
Elementary Einc, MdAllen 
Angela %gy 'Denny 
Psychology, fenton 
Melissa Lynn 'Dillingham. 
Elementary Educ, Channing 

MarkjHenry 'Edgar 

English, 'Midland. 

Virginia C Ellis 

Elem. Ed./Eng. minor, Qeorgetown 

Marc 'David Ercli 

Music, Austin 

Elisabeth Sane Evans 
yr./Eng. & 'Theater minors, Piano 
Lisa yvonne Toilette 
Psychology, San Antonio 
Lisa Augustine Jrantzen 
(Business Adnu, Fredericksburg 

-w y r 

J, ' A 

IK. \ 



r *n 

-v y r 





Senior (Partying. . . 

Top, Ceft: <DankC Zorn and Cheryl Sutherland. Top, 
right: The annual Senior Tarty was held at the, "WalBurg 
Mercentile 'Beer Qardtn with music, dancing, beer and 
good friends. %ight: Blake "Hall, Steve Jennings, Tim 
McQarity, Jeff Shell and "Wendy Smith. Below, right: 
(Doug "Wipff and^DeBBie Van (Dyke, to Be wed in June of 
1988 in the S. 11. chapel. Below, middle: Tom On, one of 
the Senior Tarty organizers, pumps up theShiner Beer keg 
for which seniors donated money. 

J i A. 



££££¥££ £ !, 

- .''■'* - " 

, Wl| 

->:-' '/.vr- , 









Sheri Lynn Qipson 
Chemistry, QiCmer 
Stephen 'Wayne Qonzales 
Internat'l (Politics, Austin 
TatricfCE. Haas 
'Biology/Chemistry, Qlenview IL 
"Donna Qayle Hastings 
Applied Science, Lubbock^ 

porita Lynn Hatchett 
Marketing, San Antonio 
Qloria 'Evelyn Hill 

'Biology, Austin 
David Lazvrence Huang 
'Business, "Hew JorkjCity 2& 
'Ben T. Jackson 
'English, ft. Collins CO 

Nestor Berrocal 
Business, Panama 
Troy Steven Bihou 

Valerie J. Griffith 

Business, Bells 
Maria Isabel Grillo 

Phys.Educ. , New Orleans LA Eco./French, Houston 

Ifj- Those 

M Camera-shy 


Fronye C. G. Ainsworth 

Art Administration, Levelland 
Corey H. Anderson 
Biology, Conroe 
Michael J. Anderson 
General Bus., Georgetown 
Scott Alan Bailey 
Psychology, Baldwin 
Melinda Kay Baker 
Psychology, Bulverde 
William B. Baker 
General Bus., San Antonio 
Martha Barrera 
Biology, Pensacola FL 
Edward M. Bazan 
General Bus., Houston 
Sarah Lynn Beeson 
Elementary Educ, Taylor 

Annette JacoBson 
Math./Thys. 'Educ., 9{etv Coney 
Jeff ery Alan Kee 
Tsychology, Terryton 
TierekjMkhael Kempf 
Qeneral'Bus., Castrovitte 
Holly 'Marie 'King 
English/History, Qeorgetoxvn 
c 2atrick3oothe KirBy 
Tsychology, (Dallas 

'Heidi Ann LevAs 
Art Admin., Bossier City LA 
Lisa Marie Lopez 
'English, Austin 
Melissa 'Kay Marcom 
Accounting, Liberty HOC 
Sherena Martin 
History, Three Havers 
(Donny McAvoy 
Music, Amaritto 

Connie Jean McManus 
Music Literature, Dallas 
Cynthis 'Esther Merrill 
History/English, Conway A%. 
Susan L. Moa^ 
Computer Science, Austin 
Chemistry, Houston 
Michelle % Mucha 
Qen. Bus. -finance, Qeorgetcnun 

Glenn A. Blackwood 

Physical Science, Austin 
Gerrie M. Bludau 
Accounting, Hallettsville 
Roland Karl Brand 
Chemical, Huffman 
W. Arvella Brannon 
English/History, Stilwell OK 
Mark Andrew Brechin 
Political Science, Sealy 
Julie Lynn Brister 
Theatre Arts, Dallas 
Andrea Kay Brock 
Art Administration, Houston 
Gregory Scott Brown 
Accounting, Stuart OK 
C. Channing Burke 
Poli. Science, Friendswood 
Cynthia Kay Burton 
Psychology, San Marcos 
David Scott Butler 
Chemistry, Atlanta GA 
Kathryn Grace Butler 
Political Science, Austin 
Fiorella M. Ceruti 
Elem. Ed., Monterrico Lima 
Raylinh Chang 
Biology, Kingwood 
Beth L. Chapoton 
Elem. Ed./English, Piano 
Leigh Ann Clemons 
Theatre Arts, Gonzales 
Thomas R. Collins 
Physical Educ, Austin 
Duncan Craig Cormie 
Sociology, San Antonio 
Beverly L. Couzens 
English/Art, Bonham 
Diane Carol Crucian 
General Bus., Friendswood 
Robyn L. Davenport 
Psychology, Spring 
David Newell Day 
General Bus., Harlingen 
Matthew Brian Dean 
Accounting, Tempe 
Stewart H. DeWitt, Jr. 
James P. DeYoung 
Chemistry, Fort Worth 
Rita Marie Diaz 
Music, Georgetown 
Blake Neal Dick 
Mathematics, Waco 
Susan Melissa Dindot 
Chemistry/Biology, Conroe 
Catherine R. Dodgen 
Biology, Bryan 
Susan L. Driscoll 
Accounting, Morton IL 
Sara Noel Duce 
General Business, Austin 
Lori Ann Dunham 
General Business, Hurst 
Brian Lewis Eastland 
Chemistry, Angleton 
William C. Ehrhart, Jr. 
Mathematics, Chicago IL 
Norval F. Elliot llf 
History, New Orleans LA 
Hardy S. Erhardt 
Poli. , Science Cedar Park 
Teresa Ann Espinosa 
General Business, Irving 
Sarah R. Faulkner 
Internat'l Studies, Greenville 
Meg Lynne Field 
Psychology, Rotan 
Leanne Cardwell Fisk 
Accounting, Georgetown 
Todd Lee Flagg 
Sociology, Round Rock 
Marianma Fowler 
Internat'l Studies, Garland 
Eric Von Fox 
Poli. Sci./Eco., Saginaw 
Paul Norbert Franz 
Economics, Flagstaff AZ 
Richard Lee Frymire 
Chemistry, Fort Worth 
Prabha Ganapathy 
Comp. SciVMath. , Houston 
Joseph J. Gimenez III 
History/English, Houston 
Robert Neil Grant, Jr. 
General Bus., San Angelo 
Robert Wilborn Green 
Comp. Sci./Arch., Richardson 
Gary Glenn Greenlees 
General Business, Austin 

Jill Christine Hagar 
Science, Pinehurst 
Gayla Todd Hagood 
Elem. Educ, Round Rock 
Peggy Jane Hailey 
English, Kenedy 
Ann Jeanette Hall 
Elem. Educ, Granger 
Blake Hamilton Hall 
Accounting, Houston 
Byron A. Hamilton, Jr. 
Mathematics, Houston 
Michaela Dawn Harris 
General Business, Lufkin 
Claire W. Harrison 
Chemistry, Houston 
Tracy Lynn Harling 
Internat'l Studies, Dallas 
John Richard Heath 
Heather Jo Heneman 
History, Houston 
Matthew R. Henry 
History, Georgetown 
Wendy M. Hoefke 
Internat'l Studies, Beasley 
Elyn Vaughan Honts 
General Business, Fort Worth 
Theodore R. Hume III 
Biology, San Angelo 
Karen K. Hunt 
Accounting, Georgetown 
Hemant Shunil Jacob 
Biology, Georgetown 
Rachel A. Jenkyn 
Eco./Poli. Sci., Austin 
Jonathon J. Jenswold 
Spanish, Houston 
Glover O. Johnson III 
Biology, Houston 
William V. Jordan III 
Biology, Corpus Christi 
Cassandra S. Kaaki 
Accounting, Georgetown 
Stephen A. Katsurinis 
Poli. Science, Georgetown 
Theodore A. Kehoe 
Computer Sci., Tomball 
Kelly Ruth Kimbrough 
Accounting, Abilene 
Karla Ann Koch 
English, Fredericksburg 
Mary Elizabeth Kocks 
Psychology, Austin 
Cherry Ann Krienke 
MEDT, Round Rock 
Michael Scott Lade 
Accounting, Houston 
Daniel G. Larriviere 
Poli. Science, Richardson 
Frank Leffingwell 
Poli. Science, Round Rock 
Pamela Gail Lester 
French, Round Rock 
Johnny Roy Maberry 
Psychology, Allen 
Kenneth Luis Manning 
Poli. Science, Houston 
James L. Martin 
Psychology, Georgetown 
William H. McCall 
Economics, Comanche 
Vicky Lynn McDaniel 
Phys. Educ, Georgetown 
Timothy W. McGarity 
Theatre , Fayetteville GA 
Mark Rios Morales 
Gen. Bus., Round Rock 
Jon David Morris 
General Bus., Dallas 
Christine C. Moulds 
Biology/Chem., Houston 
Matthew John Naiser 
Accounting, Georgetown 
Anne Ngo 
Biology, Dallas 
Matthew T. Norris 
General Bus., Austin 
James Burke O'Malley 
General Bus., Birmingham AL 
Aimee D. O'Malley 
English, San Antonio 
Thomas Edmund Orr 
Theatre Arts, Fort Worth 
Rafael M. Palaganas 
Biology, Piano 
Scott W. Pass 
History, Richardson 
Laura I. Patterson 
Mathematics, Austin 

Sylvia E. Patterson 

Elementary Educ, Dilley 
James John Pennoni 
General Bus., Lansing Ml 
Tracy Allen Phillips 
English, Abilene 
Christopher Plumlee 

Gregg P. Proctor 
General Bus., Woodlands 
Piper E. Purcell 
Sociology/History, Bivins 
Ronald Joe Rafay 
Accounting, Bartlett 
Robert Stacey Ranee 
Mathematics, Houston 
Elizabeth Rathburn 
Internat'l Studies, Orange 
Tracy Ann Reese 
Theatre Arts, Austin 
Julie Maureen Reeves 
Elementary Educ, Conroe 
Debora Rodriguez 
Religion/Psych., Georgetown 
Tom Albert Roeder 
Accounting, Georgetown 
David B. Roosth 
Biology, Tyler 
James Merritt Royce 
General Bus., Houston 
Lance Wayne Rydell 
History, Taylor 
Sheri D. Schlechte 
Mathematics, Houston 
Kathryn Schwarzenbach 
English, Georgetown 
Nick L. Schwarzenbach 
Internat'l Studies, Georgetown 
Thomas Michael Seay 
General Bus., Midland 
Steven Edmond Self 
Internat'l Studies, Columbus 
Jeffrey W. Shell 
Economics, Dallas 
Kenneth O. Simon 
Internat'l Studies, Austin 
Lydia Sue Sommermeyer 
Gen. Bus., N. Richardson Hills 
Michael Peter Soria 
History, Missouri City 
Michael W. Sorrell 
Fayetteville AR 
James Andrew Stith 
Chem. , Washington D.C. 
Shane Strickland 
General Bus., Houston 
Cheryl Sutherland 
Math., Beaverton OR 
Stacy Ann Sv/oboda 
Phys. Ed./Psych., Victoria 
Noel Sy 

General Bus., Savanna IL 
Ashley S. Turner 
Psychology, Potomac MD 
Thanh Thi Van 
Biology, Round Rock 
Gary Dixon Vasquez 
General Bus., Corpus Christi 
Paul Damons Venable 
History, Georgetown 
John David Villafana 
Biology, San Antonio 
Brian Dean Walsh 
History, Tennessee Colony 
Gregary Jay Warmink 
History, Georgetown 
Mary Elizabeth Welmaker 
Music, San Antonio 
Kevin Douglas Whitt 
General Bus., Jackson MS 
Nancy Jean Wiegand 
Psychology, Houston 
Wesley A. Willaert 
Poli. Science, Carrollton 
John N. Williams 
Biology, Belton 
Heather Ann Wilt 
Psychology, Houston 
Karen Lee Winn 
Psychology, Houston 
John Douglas Wipff 
History, Albuquerque NM 
Nancy E. Wofford 
Psychology, Delray Beach FL 
Nicolas A. Wolk 
Gen. Bus., /Spanish, Houston 
Shaista Yoosufani 
Biology, Round Rock 
Michael Paul Young 
History, Farmers Branch 


don wester 



Oduong Thi 9{guyen 
Recounting, Channelview 
"Katia £. "Paredes 
(Psychology, Qeorgetimm 
Margaret Alice "Barker 
English/Music minor, %pund %pck, 
HQrsten (Peterson 
Music Liu/Music Theory, Georgetown 
'Elizabeth Anne "Powell 
Music "Ethic., Buda 

Jennifer J. "Rgbberson 
"Psychology, San Antonio 
Sally Ann Rgss 
Qen. "Bus. -Marketing, Mercedes 
Steven S. Rucinski 
Economics, "Wheeling IL 
9{athaiie "Elizabeth "Russell 
Internal 'I Studies, Qeorgetoum 
"Trench, Toronto Canada 

"Kimberly (Kay Sheffield 

"Business Admin., Spring 

Andy L. Sheppard 

(Psychology, Qeorgetoton , 

Wendy "Michelle Smith ; 

"Biology, "Van Alstyne 

Cindy %, Stanley J 

Art Admin., Austin 1 

Thomas E. Stell ', 

Inlernat'C Studies, Houston w 

Linda Elaine S temple ' 

Marketing, fort "Worth - 

Laura % "Tyler ' 

Biology, "Del (Rio ^ 

Robert Ligon "Usrey j 

(Psychology, Midland \ 

D. Michele "Wells : 

English, San Antonio 
Elizabeth Ann "Wheeler 
English, Temple j 

Leslie Cheryl "Williamson 

Art, Azle 

"Karen Jeanne "Willis 

History, Qarland 

Rgbert E. young III 

QeneralBus., (Houston 

9{prman Edgar Joungblood IV 

"History, Sequin 

'Daniel "Robert Zorn 

Sociology/History, Qalveston 

"Deborah %\ Mittanck\ 

English/Music, "BellviCle 


Top: December newly 
weds 9{ickl and "Kathryn 
Schwarzenbach on their 
honeymoon in Chartres, 
"Jrance near "Paris. 
Middle: Music minor 
Margaret "Parkier could 
often be found filling tlie 
Union with the wonder- 
ful sounds of her talent. 


Sou wester 


James Russell Abel 


Janis Marie Abel 

JR, Art, Houston 

Marie-Claire Abelanet 

JR, Mathematics, Dallas 
Victor Acepcion III 

FR, Accounting/Psych. 
Minor, Kingsville 

Judith Gay Albright 

FR, Undeclared, Rosenberg 

William M. Alexander 

FR, Business, Houston 

David Christopher Allen 

SO, Biology, Waxahachie 

Erin M. Allen 

FR, German/Theatre Arts, 


Kathleen Frances Allen 

SO, Mathematics, Galveston 

Russell David Armstrong 

SO, Business, McAllen 

Leslie Lynn Armsworth 

FR, Undeclared, 


Jana Lovese Aronson 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 

Traci Ann Astolfo 

FR, Psychology, Houston 

Pema Baca 

FR, Sociology, El Paso 

Barry Campbell Bain 

JR.Computer Sci., Portland 

Raphael A. Baranco 

SO, Undeclared, 

Lafayette LA 




Roxanne E. Barnes 

FR, Undeclared, EdinaMN 
Julie C. Bauknight 
SO, English, Victoria 
Lori Lynn Baur 
FR, Undecided, 
Elk Grove IL 
Alfredo B. Barrera 
FR, Undecided, Round 

Steven J. Bavone 
JR, Oak Park IL, Bio/ 
Chemistry minor 
Jeffrey M. Bennett 
JR, English, Lubbock 
Gregg Jason Berretta 
FR.PoliticalSci. .Houston 
Susi Marie Bertram 
JR, International 
Studies, Fort Worth 

Sharon K. Birch 

SO, Art, Huntsville 
Richard B. Bledsoe 
FR, Undeclared.Jasper 
Kimbra Lee Boon 
FR, Psychology, Allen 
Glen Rodney Braden 
FR, Accounting, Midkiff 

William W. Branch, III 

JR, History, Victoria 

Garret Shamp Brandt 


Jennifer Aileen Bran- 


SO, English, Pearland 

Ellen Janice Breaux 

JR, Psychology, Fort 



Sou wester 

David L. Brehm 

FR, Undeclared, New 

York/San Antonio 

Kelli DeNeen Bremer 

FR, Undeclared, Beeville 

Elizabeth Brethouwer 

JR, Business 

Jon Fredric Brinkley 

FR, Am. Studies,Austin 

Juan E. Brockmann 

FR, Undeclared, 


Jennifer W. Brooks 

SO, Business, La Feria 

Karin Suzanne Brown 

JR, Business/German, 


Carrie Denise Bruce 

FR, Education, Mesquite 

Leeanna Susan 


Todd W. Bryant 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 

Sarah J. Buchanan 


Scott Edward Burkey 

FR, Biology, Brownsville 

Brenda Lou Burton 


Susan Marie Busch 

FR, Music Educ. Spring 

James Nelson 


History, Corpus Christi 

Ramiro Canales 

FR, International 

Studies, Santa Rosa 

Herman Brown 1st Floor. 

Row 1: Adam D. Stewart, 
R.A. Row 2: Steve Min, Victor 
Acepcion III, Paul Fitzgib- 
bons, Eric Schwegler, 
Roberto Blanco, Alan Shack- 
elford, Mike Smalley, Joe 
Case. Row 3: Bill Wolfle, 
Mike Roberson, Andz Ozley, 
Bryan Thomason, Chris 
Davis, John Whitehurst 
(S.A.), David Streitman 
(S.A.), Brad Weselman, 
Glenn Braden, Damon 
Withrow, Jack Franklin, Mar- 
tin Moore. Not Pictured: 
David Kratz, David Dickie, T. 
Curtis, Mike Frontz. 



Dinah Capetilio 

FR, Accounting, Sunray 
Kimberly Carter 
SO, Philosophy, Lufkin 
Joe W. Case 
FR, Business Adm., 
Hobbs NM 
Norma Castaneda 
SO, Accounting, 
Corpus Christi 
Anne E. Chapman 
FR, Psychology, Bandera 
June S. Chen 
FR, Chemistry/Biology 
John Jay Cheyney 
JR, Biology, Hooks 
Yaravi Huo Chhith 
FR, Chemistry, Bloom- 
inton MN 

Ron G. Chovanec 

FR, Accounting/Bus. 
Adm. .Houston 
Evangelyn L. Clark 
FR Music, Abilene 
Tasha Lynne Clark 
JR, Art, Katy 
Mary C. Coates 
SO, Undeclared, Houston 

John Cartwright 

FR.Undeclared, Houston 
Gulllermo Cockrum 
FR, Engineering, 
Guadelajara- Mexico 
Stuart Dale Colburn 
FR.Accounting, Houston 
Cally L. Coleman 
SO, Business, Victoria 

Herman Brown 2nd Floor. 

Row 1: Bobby Linhort, Penn 
King, Mike McGrath. Row 2: 
Todd Bryant, Craig McKinney, 
Willie Thoeni, Mike Wolfe, 
Brent Bledge, Tim Brinkman 
(R.A.), Ramiro Canales, Mike 
Wood. Row 3: Darren Britt, 
Tim Painter, Eric Youn, Mark 
Patterson, Tony Shafer, David 
Pickering. Row 4: Tim Smith, 
Fred Barrera, Matt Mayhew, 
Marc Weatherly, James Abel, 
Scott Hanson. Row 5: John 
Forsbert, Troy West, Chad 
Schiffner, Clint Lively, Fason 
Fischer, Michael Davis, Aaron 
Forland, Andrew Thompson, 
Joel Pigg. 


Bridget M. Collins 

SO, Biology, 

Scottsdale AZ 

Catherine Conerly 

FR, Psychology, Houston 

Jana L. Cook 

JR, Biology, Veron 

Angie B. Cooley 

SO,Elem. Educ, Blanco 

Pamella Ann Cooney 

JR, Biology, Houston 

Kevin Corado 

SO, Biology/Chemistry, 


Laura Lynn Cordes 

FR.PoliticalSci. .Houston 

Lisa Lynn Cowan 

FR, Undeclared, Briggs 

Robert D.Crangler Jr. 


Carla Janine Crowe 

JR, Theatre Arts, 

Corpus Christi 

Jennifer Cunningham 

JR, Biology, MissouriCity 

Amy Lynn Cutrer 

FR, Undeclared, San 


John M. Dapper 


Lauren Davis 

SO, Elem. Educ, 

Montrose CO 

Christopher E. Davis 


Michael Davis 


Moody Shearn 2nd Floor. 

Row 1: Ben Duncan, Ben- 
jamin, LeeAnn Richardson, 
Laura Turner, Rob Crangle, 
Tom Stell, Bobby Green, Bo 
Villaman, Steve Hardie. Row 
2: Amy Hughes, Tim Hickman, 
Vicki Prinster, Pete Fink, Rod 
Sanford, Mike Hsaio, Daniel 
Wallace, Gerald Cantor, Greg 
Head. Row 3: Hal Long. 


Vanessa Lynn Davis 

FR, English, Midland 
Catharine D. Degnan 
FR, Undeclared, Dallas 
Kathleen A. Delaney 
SO, History, Austin 
Shanna Gaye Delany 
JR, Elementary Educa- 
tion, San Antonio 

Nicholas DeLaRosa III 
SO.Theatre Arts,DelRio 
Deanna S. Devine 
SO, Economics, Irving 
Harland R. DeWitt 
FR, Undeclared, Houston 
Jorge Carlos Diaz 
FR, Business/Econom- 
ics, Mexico City-D.F. 

Lisa Anne Dreishmire 

FR,Psych,Sandwich IL 

Ben R. Duncan 

JR.Pol.Sci., Houston 

Gary Dugan 

FR, Accounting, San 


Sandra Durrenburger 

JR, Pol.Sci., Pasadena 

Catherine M. Earles 

FR, Pre-med/Chemis- 
try, Concord MA 
Donald Ray Earles 
JR, Biology, ConcordMA 
Boots Elliott 
Katheryn Ruth Ellis 
FR, Psychology, Mission 

Ruter 1st Floor. Row 1 : Jorge 
"Don Juan" Diaz, "Pope" 
Bohdy Hedgecock, Carret 
"Beyond Help" Brandt, Jose 
"Stallion" Gamier. Row 2: Saul 
"EZ" Laredo (S.A.), Gavin 
"Pseudo-Slut" Morgan, Chris 
"Buster" Holland, Gary 
Djgan, Virgil "Dr. Chug" Villar- 
eal. Row 3: Steve "Kojak" 
Prince (S.A.), Mike "Beav" 
Gardner, Shannon "Opie" 
Taylor, Barry "Bainer" (R.A.), 
James "Pres" Perdue, Alan 
"Quick Lube" Rowk, Bret "Dr. 
Love" Seaks, Lucy the Danc- 
ing Girl, Quentin Riley, Kevin 
Kalisky. Row 4: Paul Matta, 
John Carpenter, Harland "Re- 
sidude" DeWitt. Not Shown: 

Doug Dixon. 



Lai Jean Eng 

JR, Chemistry, SanAntonio 

Bradford Alan Epley 

FR, Undeclared.Amarillo 

Sarah Esther Espinoza 

SO, Music Educ, Austin 

Jolene L. Ferguson 

FR .Theater/Psychology, 


Diane Finley 


Sullivan Strong 


FR, Biology, Austin 

Paul M. Fitzgibbons 


Michael A. Flaniken 

SR, Poli. Sci., Portland 

Stacy Flood 

JR, English, Temple 

Lisa Colleen Flori 

SO, Fine Art, Garland 

Christie Jo Flynn 

SO, Theatre/Psychology 


Elisa Anne Fontenot 

JR, Business, Port Arthur 

Rachel Marie Foote 

John P. Forsberg 
FR.Friendswood, Busi- 
ness Administration 
Jack P. Franklin 
FR, Bio. (Pre-med), Uvalde 
Chris N. Freeman 
SO, Undeclared, Houston 

Ruter 3rd Floor, The Grunge 
Runners. Row 1 : David Allen, 
Rob Darrah, David Vander 
Straten (R.A.), Eric Patterson, 
Brad Epley, gus Luna. Row 2: 
Jason Steed, Jeff lezzi, Hilton 
Turnbull, Jack Long, Fran- 
cisco Salinas, Taylor Goss, 
John Dapper, Greg Mayes. 
Row 3: Kevin Adams, Dan 
Goodwin, Nestor Berrocal, 
Scott Griscom, Patrick Eiten- 



Kris D. Friesenhahn 

JR, Education, Knippa 
Michael E. Frontz 
FR.Comp. Sci.,Beeville 
Leslee D. Fulbright 
JR, Elem. Educ, 
Cathy Noelie Fuller 
FR, Biology, Sugarland 

Ed Galloway 

JR, History, Conroe 

Carol A. Garcia 

FR , Education, RoundRock 

D. Angelica Garcia 

SO, Accounting, San 


Leigh Frances Gard 


Michael S. Gardner 

Jose F. Gamier 
SO, Business, San Jose 
Costa Rica 
Susan Marie Garza 
FR, Bio. .Corpus Christi 
Dani Marie Gazarek 

Maria C. Gelabert 

JR, Chem., Houston 
Mari Shannon Gill 
Jennifer A. Giroux 
JR, Psych/Music, 
Michelle R. Glick 
JR.Gen. Bus. .Houston 

Sneed Suite. Row 1: Jana 
Rowe, Anna Cooper. Row 2: 
Mailie Moss, Jennifer Robber- 
son, Annette Jacobson, Irene 
Patterson (R.A.), Susan 
Moak, Lisa Fratzen, Cara 
Sandstrum, Laura Kimball, 
Sarah Presley. Row 3: Berta 
Frausto, Val Griffith, Stepha- 
nie Baker, Stacey Swoboda, 
Arvella Brannon, Ponda 
Griggs, Heidi Lewis, Ester 
Wong, Kat Calloway. Not 
Shown: Mary Kocks, Heather 
Wilt, Cherly Sutherland, Kim 
Brecken, Kristy. 



. . .. ;;■;:■ ,£ fS^«- : f : C^: FF? ^j 

Elise Miranda 

FR, Chemistry, Mission 

Daniel Mark Goodwin 

FR, Undeclared, FR 

Lewis Taylor Goss 

Fr, Physics, Dayton 

Karen Elaine Gott 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 

Holly J. Graham 


ten/Span.,Batesville AR 

Sharon Ann Graham 

SO, Elem. Ed., Midland 

Karen Sue Gratke 

FR, Elem. Ed. .Arlington 

Robyn L. Greb 

JR, Psychology, Amarillo 

Alison Ann Green 

SO, English, Houston 

Denise A. Greenlees 

SO, Business, Austin 

Keith Michael 


FR, Undeclared, Bellaire 

Laura Jane Gulledge 

Jeni Flex Gwinn 

SO.Beach Bum, 

Carlsbad NM 

Emily Wynne 


JR, Education, Houston 

Nancy M. Hegland 


Brent Jackson Hall 

FR, Business, Ft. Worth 

Mabee 1st Floor. Row 1: 

Michelle Miller, Liza Bre- 
thowwer, Karen Holloman, 
Heather Watson. Row 2: Jill 
Hagar, Nancy Parker, Mich- 
elle Mielly, Monica Letts, 
Mary-Catherine Coats, Me- 
linda Lee, Brenda Burton. 
Row3:Sharon Graham, Cindy 
Stanley, Stephanie Gimenez, 
Joan Thompson, Karen 
Tongberg, Carrie yeoman, 
Julie Reeves, Beth Stockham. 
Row 4: Mary Gere Bridger, 
Bridgett Collins, Pamela 
Cooney, Leslie Wilson. Not 
Shown: Holly Graham, Penni 
Tankersley, Jan Vickers, 
Shannon Gill, Camille Santry, 
Marie Claire Albelanet, Mich- 
elle Glick, Jennifer Cunning- 
ham, Susan Palms, Pam Bro- 
man, Fabyian Raux, Cally 
Coleman, Kim Lewis. 

Robert Dwayne Ham 

SO, Chem./Bio. .Uvalde 
April E. Hampton 
JR, Pol. Sci., Houston 
Todd Eric Hansen 
SO, Philosophy, Irving 
J. Scott Hanson 
FR, Theatre/Psychol- 
ogy, Richardson 

Sheryl E. Hardt 

FR, Undeclared, Waco 
Julie Malane Harman 
SO, Communications/ 
Pol. Sci. minor.Houston 
Liza Ann Harris 
Robin L. Harris 
FR, Undeclared, Houston 

Shannon Jean Hart 

Adam J. Haughey 
JR, Biology, Uvalde 
Tina Renee Hebert 
FR, Undeclared, Dallas 
Bohdy David 
FR, Pol.Sci., Phoenix AZ 

Wendy Helburn 

FR.Art Admin., Houston 
Annette M. Helmcamp 
SO, Business, Buffalo 
Janet G. Henderson 
FR.Accounting/ Math, 

Catherine M. Hendren 
FR, Pol. Sci./Spanish, 

Mabee 2nd Floor, West. 

Row 1 : Sherena Martin, Laura 
Gulledge, Michele Wells, 
Carole Woodall, Becky Ken- 
dall, Deanna Schneider. Row 
2: Danna Leggett, Sylvia Pat- 
terson, Karen Turner, Shanna 
Delany, Amy Vanwyngarden, 
Susan Karas. 



Kimberly A. Herbert 

JR, Pol. Sci., Houston 

Pamela M. Hingst 

FR, Undeclared, Hurst 

Dianne Hobratschk 


Michael K. Holan 

JR, Chemistry, 


Jennifer Sue Holdren 

SO, Communications, 

Brighton Ml 

Karen E. Holloman 

SO, Sociology, Houston 

Shelby Anne Holt 

FR, Biology, San Angelo 

Erin Carol Hotchkiss 

SO, Biology, Midlandl 

Jerry Franklin House 

JR, Music, Houston 

Michael B. Hsiao 

SO, Chemistry/Math, 

Buffaalo Grove IL 

Michelle Ann Hudson 

JR, International 

Studies, Corpus Christi 

Amy F. Hughes 

JR, Elem. Ed., Conroe 

MaryAnn Humphreys 

SO, Psycho logy, Houston 

Donna Joyce Hunt 

JR, History, Liberty Hill 

Michael I. Hurtado 


Laurie S. Husmann 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 

Mabee, 3rd Floor, West. Row 

1 : Allison Green, Laura Budg- 
ett, Anthe Satos, Amy Reif, 
Norma Castaneda. Row 2: 
Lisa Johnston (R.A.), Kather- 
ine Ferrey, Lori Allbright, 
Kathleen Allen, Kathleen De- 
laney. Row 3: Rae Anne Vil- 
lanuera, Kim Carter, Brandi 
Powell, Lisa Flori, Melanie 



/ tell 

Annabelle Ibanez 

FR, Poli. Sci., Alice 
Jeffrey Michael lezze 
Kris Lynn Jackson 
FR, Accounting, Groom 
Jaysn F. Jameson 
SO, Biology/Chemistry, 

Magdeline Jaramillo 
SO, Chemistry, Odessa 
Patricia A. Jaramillo 
JR, Pol. Sci., Odessa 
Jamie M. Johnson 
FR.Theatre, Sugar Land 

Anna Lisa Johnston 

JR, Spanish, Austin 

Ashley R|y Johnston 


Carolyn C. Jones 

FR, Accounting, Round 


Jill S. Jones 


Zaira E. Juarez 

FR.Bio.Pre.Med. Presidio 
Kevin Lee Kalisky 
Marissa L. Karstetter 

FR, Poli. Sci./Commu- 
nications, Buda 
Allison Joan Kearney 

FR, Music Ed. .Montrose 

LK, 1st Floor, East. Latisha 
Campbell, Martha Barrera, 
jana Jordan, Debbie Romero, 
Tamra Trimble, Donna 
Hastings, Sonja Peterson, 
Sarah Espinoza. 



Gay Lynn Keilman 

FR, Chemistry, Austin 

Rebecca L. Kendall 


Jonathan G. Kennedy 

JR, General Business, 

Sulphur Springs 

Sherre Mishelle Kidd 


Laura Ann Kimball 

SO, Business/ Art 


Kristi L. Kitterman 

SO, Psych., Houston 

Shaun Kretzschmar 


Connie Lynn Krueger 


Maria Elena Kruger 


Melissa Danae Kwan 

FR, Educ, San Antonio 

Dundee Carroll 


FR, English, Taft 

Maria Elizabeth Lade 

FR, Elem. Ed., Houston 

Kimberli Ann Larson 

SO, Chem.-Premed., 


Nina Suzanne Latimer 

FR, Psychology, Austin 

Melinda S. Lee 


Michael S. Lee 

JR, English, Dallas 

LK 1st Floor, West. Row 1: 
Palmira Testa (R.A.), Leslie 
Williamson. Row 2: Melindc 
Murphy, Martha Delair, Diane 
Crucian. Row 3: Cyndi Merrill 



I ! 

Danna Lynne Leggett 

JR, Elem. & Special Ed., 

Christine Leonard 
FR, Undeclared, 
Indianapolis IN 
Danielle E. LeTourneau 
FR, Undeclared, Houston 
Monica Marianne Letts 
JR, Poli. Sci./Spanish/ 
French minor, Lima-Peru 

Johanna Lynn Leyva 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 

Lee M. Liedecke 

FR, International Studies, 

Round Rock 

Clint James Lively 


Patricia Anne Loughran 

FR.Chem.-Premed, Spring 

Laura M. Ludwig 

FR, Undeclared, LansingM I 
Gustavo L. Luna 
FR, Undeclared, San 

Sharon R. Lundgren 
JR, Psych, W. Germany 
Angela D. Lunsford 
SO, Biology, Fort Worth 

Michael James Lysinger 

JR, Music Ed.,SanAntonio 
Brigid Erin Malek 
FR.Theatre Arts, Cypress 
Fred Jordan Manar 
FR, Undeclared, Pearland 
Marsa Leigh Mangrum 
SO, Business Admin., 

LK, 2nd Floor, East. Row 1 : 

Melissa Maurer, Tracy Traver, 
Martha Long, Danielle Le- 
Tourneau, Brigid Malek. Row 
2: Joyce Yarbrough, Stepha- 
nie Murff, Duana Welch, Lisa 
Dreishmire, Dinah Capetillo, 
Sonya Thomas, Holly 
Marshall. Row 3: Annabelle 
Ibanez, Kristy Waterman, 
Vanessa Schaefer, Laura 
Ludwig, Xochitl Paredes, 
Cindy Vargas, Yaravi Chhith. 
Row 4: Amy Russell, Stepha- 
nie Booth, Kathy Ellis, Elise 
Gonzalez, Roxanne Barnes, 
Margaret Parker, Dorita 
Hatchett (R.A.). 



Holly Marshall 

SO, Economics, 

Scottsdale AZ 

Melissa Jean Maurer 

FR, Psych., Edinburg 

Shelley L. Maynard 

SO, English, Austin 

Brett Stark McClung 


Lynne C. McCreary 

FR, Theatre, Houston 

Ruth Ann McDonald 

FR, Pol. Sci., Houston 

Katherine Ann 



Libby McKee 

SO, English, Waco 

Craig J. McKinney 

FR, English, Piano 

Ernie Paul McNutt 


Hazel Leigh McRae 

JR, Pol. Sci./Spanish, 


Elizabeth A. Meadows 

SO, Psych., Devine 

Karen E. Meyer 

FR.Bus., Lakewood CO 

Aurora Mary Mignosa 

JR, Psychology, Waco 

Heather Mae Miller 


Melissa A. Miller 

FR, English/Theatre 

Arts, Houston 

LK, 2nd Floor West. Row 1 : 

Tricia Jaramillo (R.A.), Re- 
becca Cheney, Johonna 
Leyua, Claudia Reed, Melissa 
Miller, Maria Pfeiffer (S.A.). 
Row 2: Sheri Kelly, Monica 
Simon, Wendy Helburn, 
Stacie Necessary, Jeni Gwinn 
(S.A.), Jana Aronson, Janet 
Henderson, Lynne McCreary, 
Lara Urquidi. 





Kimberly M. Miller 

JR,Elem. Ed. .Richardson 
Doug Moore 
FR, Undeclared, Abilene 
Martin L. Moore 
FR, Undeclared, 
Sulphur Springs 

Gavin Wade Morgan 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 
Mark W. Marrow 
Corpus Christi 
Sheralyn D. Mott 
Stephanie Ann Murff 
FR.Internat'l Studies, 

Maryanne E. Navickas 

FR, Music, Spring 
Nancy Jane Nettles 
SO, Music 
Educ, Georgetown 
Tivy Lynn Nobles 
FR, Bus., SanAntonio 
Aileen P. Oandasan 
FR ,Bio., Lake Jackson 

Thomas J. Oliver 

JR, Poli. Sci./History 

minor, Roselle IL 

Andy Ozley 

FR, Business, Dallas 

Tim J. Painter 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 

Rebecca C. Paley 

FR, Bus. Adm.,EI Paso 

L.K., 3rd Floor, East. Row 1: 

Liza Harris, Julia McElreath, 
Sossy Sarikhanian, Judy Al- 
bright. Row 2: Pam Hingst, 
Cathy Degnan, Melissa Kwan, 
Karen Meyer. Row 3: Lyssa 
McDaniel, Dara Delamere, 
Susan Garza. Row 4: Erin 
Hotchkiss, Julia Smith, Laura 
Cordes, Trina Earles, Candy 
Southerland (S.A.), Suzanne 
Wallace, Patricia Loughran, 
Karen Winn (R.A.). 


Sou w 'ester 

Susan Marie Palms 

SO, Intern'l Studies, 

Chicago IL 

Annie Pantoja 

SO, Psych./Spanish, 

Elizabeth NJ 

Xochitl A. Paredes 


Susan Joellyn Parker 


Shawn D. Parsley 

SO, Biology, Conroe 
Eric Vance Patterson 
FR, Chemistry, Austin 
Mark Joseph Patter- 
FR, Undeclared, Houston 
John William Patton 
FR, Economics, Houston 

Ursula Denice Paynes 

JR, Accting,. Detroit Ml 

Leslie David Penney 

JR, Business, Houston 

Tricia W. Peterson 

FR, Chemistry, Corpus 


Maria Diane Pfeiffer 

SO, French, Boerne 

Jennifer Sue Phillips 

JR, Medical Illustration, 


David Scott Pickering 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 

William F. Pierce 

FR, Undeclared, Dallas 

Valerie Pilcher 

JR.Eng. .Corpus Christi 

Kurth, 1st Floor. Row 1 : Katie 
Conerly, Debbie Maschal, 
Jessica DuPont, Kimbra 
Boon, Karen Thomas, Va- 
nessa Davis, Theresa Deal 
(Ft. A.). Row 2: Rhonda 
Bigham, Karen Thompson, 
Traci Astolfo, Karen Gott, 
Krystn Sheltrown, Amy 
Cutrer, Robin Dush, Tina 
Hebert.Row 3: Kerinda Rice, 
Katie McDowell, DeAnna 
Ware, Ellen Short, Cathy 
Hendren, Jeannie Reeh, 
Anne Pickle, Susan Donald, 
Rebecca Paley, LeeAnn 
Summer. Not Shown: Shan- 
non Freeman. 



Angela V. Pinson 

FR, Undeclared, New 


Karla E. Portman 

FR, Spanish, Arlington 

Patrick Portmann 

SO, Bus. Adm., Caus- 


Brandine Ellen Powell 


Renee J. Preiss 

FR, Undeclared, New 


Sarah Lee Pressly 

JR, Psych., San Antonio 

Kimberly Prewitt 


Penny Lynn Prince 

FR, Arch. Engineering, 

Midwest City OK 

Victoria Lynn Prinster 

JR.EIem. Ed, Houston 
Karen Marie Quadrini 
Daniel J. Ramirez 
JR, Electrical Engineer- 
ing, Saginaw Ml 
Debbie Sue Rathburn 
SO, Acctng, Midland 

Claudia Denise Reed 

FR, Premed, McDade 
Amy Marion Reif 
SO, History, Alpharetta 

Michael John Remus 
FR, Economics, Austin 
Michael A. Roberson 
FR, Biology, Conroe 

Kurth, 2nd Floor. Row 1: 

Judith Manriquez, Linda Hall 
(R.A.), Ann Guy, Angela 
McChesney, Samara Paysse, 
Barbara McKowen, Maria 
Lade. Row 2: Laura Wilson, 
Lisa Scott, Christi Jones, Ruth 
Ann McDonald, Kristina 
Davis, Michelle Wyman. Row 
3: Diana Olson, Joan Daniel- 
son, Rachel Wester, Cynthia 
Smith, Tivy Nobles, Julie 
Lackey, Jolene Ferguson. 
Row 4: Molly McKee, Christie 
Leigh Wilson, Leslie Marsh. 


Sou zvester 

Sheri Lynn Roberts 

JR, Accounting, Austin 

James A. Rodriguez 

FR, Undeclared, 

San Antonio 

Karen L. Roper 

JR, Psych., Houston 

Barbara M. Rose 

FR, Music (Voice) 

Applied, Houston 

Jennifer Marie Ross 

JR,Hist./Eng,Big Spring 

Fabienne Roux 

JR, Foreign Languages, 

Canne France 

Jana Lynn Rowe 

JR.Phys. Ed/Eng. 


D'Lane Runkles 

SO.Th/Sp.Com, Midland 

Laura Jane Runyen 

FR, Biology, UniversalCity 

Amy C. Russell 

FR, Psych. .Burleson 

Patricia Jo Sanchez 

FR, Sociology/Psych, 

San Angelo 

Samuel S. Sandoval 

FR, Biology, Alice 

Cara J. Sandstrum 

SO, Music Ed., Del Rio 

Roderick D. Sanford 

SO, English, Waco 

Camille Santry 

JR, Sociology, 

San Angelo 

Sossy Sarikhanian 

FR, Undeclared, Houston 

Kurth, 3rd Floor, The Wild 
Wenches. Row 1: Karen 
Roper (R.A.). Row 2: Court- 
ney Franks, Laura Vinas, 
Paige Secrest. Row 3: Jill 
Brown (S.A.), Debbie Volker 
(S.A.), Helenanne Butler, 
Sheralyn Mott, Palmer 
Neuhaus, Leslie Armsworth, 
Cile Spelce. Row 4: Gay Keil- 
man, Jennifer Schultze, Jan- 
ice Ehlert, Tricia Peterson, 
Ann Stephens, Maryanne 
Navickas, Diane Finley, 
Susan Busche, Nina LaHimer, 
Maria Kruger, Anne 
Chapman, Sheryl Hardt, Julie 
Wilbur, Meredith Moore, Lisa 
Sharpe. Row 5: Karen 
Schultze, Kelli Bremer. 



Vanessa L. Schaefer 

FR, Psychology, 
East Lansing Ml 
Chad Alan Schiffner 
FR, Undeclared, 
New Boston 
Deanna Schneider 
SO.Studio Arts.Ft.Worth 
Karen Lynn Schulze 
FR, Biology, Houston 

Jenni C. Schwartz 

SO.Theatre Arts, Houston 
Michael King Schwartz 
SO, Business, Houston 
Lisl M. Schweers 
JR, Internt'l Studies, 
Ardmore OK 

Eric Raymond Schwegler 
FR, Computer Science, 
Kansas Citv KS 

Lisa Ann Scott 

FR.Eng. Educ, Austin 
Brenten Thomas Seaks 
FR.Poli. Sci., Houston 
Tony Shafer 
FR, Biochemistry, Houston 
Terri M. Shanahan 
SO, Business, 

Tracie Denise Shelton 

FR.Accounting, Houston 
Krystn Sheltrown 
SO, Intern'l Studies, 
West Branch Ml 
Ellen Carol Short 
FR, Elem. Ed., Houston 
Ashlie M. Simecek 
FR, Undeclared, Seguin 

Among the 18 international 
students representing 10 for- 
eign countries at Southwest- 
ern University in 1988 were 
Jorge Diaz (Mexico), Monica 
Gutierrez (Mexico), Fiorella 
Ceruti (Peru), David Paredes 
(Chile), Monica Letts (Peru), 
Kindo Gonzalez (Chile), Fabi- 
enne Roux (France) and 
Laura Urquidi (Bolivia). 



Monica F. Simon 

FRJntern'l Relations/ 

French minor,Cedar Pk 

Michael L. Smalley 

FR, History, La Grange 

Cynthia M. Smith 

FR, Bio. .Round Rock 

Grant Warren Smith 

SO, Undeclared, New 

Orleans LA 

Timothy Nolan Smith 

FR, Undeclared, Bellaire 

Terry Dale Smithson 

FR,Pre-Law, Dalhart 

Lee Ann Sommer 

FR, History Ed. .Cypress 

Cile Leslie Spelce 

FR, Communications, 


Suzanne L. Stahl 

FR,Eco.,Lake Jackson 

Lana Nanette Stanley 

JR.Poli. Sci., Arlington 

Linda Ann Stephens 

FR, Undeclared, Denton 

Kelley R. Stephenson 

FR, English/French, 

San Antonio 

Lynnette Sterling 

JR, Psych. .Georgetown 

Adam D. Stewart 

JR, Marketing, 

Maple Rapids Ml 

Patricia M. Stewart 

SO, History, Lamarque 

Angela Lea Straface 

SO, Bio./Psych minor, 

Port Neches 

Marisa Grillo and Amanda 
Ryba with their native friends 
Juan and Alberto in Vannes. 
Marisa and Amanda were in- 
volved in Southwestem's 
France Program in the Fall 
semester of 1987. 



Hobey Mark Strawn 

Craig Allen Strickland 
FR, Music, Huffman 
David A. Sulkowski 
JR, Business, Cypress 
Michael A. Sullivan 
FR, Theatre Arts, 

Eric Jason Swartz 

Penni D. Tankersley 
JR.EIem. Ed., Mesquite 
Molly Dale Tarkington 
FR, Music Ed., Bellaire 
Palmira Rosa Testa 
JR, Biology-Premed, 

Willy Thoeni 

FR, Undeclared, 
Santa Rosa 
Karen Lynn Thomas 
FR, Undeclared, Austin 
Sonya Thomas 
FR.Accounting, Lansing 
Andrew Thompson 

Karmen A. Thompson 

FR, Bus., San Antonio 
Mark D. Thompson 
FR, French, Borger 
Karen Tongberg 
SO, Business, Houston 
Robert Merriam Towle 
FR, History, Copperas 

London Program students 
Mary Elizabeth Welmaker, 
Vicky Vanderwind, Paige Pe- 
ters and Abbi Candish in the 
beautiful grassy hills of 




Kendra Lea Trachta 

JR, Englishman Antonio 

Paul E. Traeger 

FR.Bus. Adm.,Leander 

Jacquelyn M. Traisnel 


Tamra J. Trimble 

SO, Psychology, 

McAlester OK 

Jon Hilton Turnbull 

FR, Biology, Rockport 

Karen Lee Turner 

JR, Business, Houston 

Laura Cristina Urquidi 

FR,Bus.,La Paz-Bolivia 

David Vander Straten 

JR, Chemistry/Biology 

minor, Austin 

Cynthia Irene Vargas 


Jose Marcos Veloz 

SO, Pol&Comp.Sci,Odessa 

Julie Dawn Verrett 

FR.Bus., Corpus Christi 

Deborah Sue Volker 

SO, Communictions, 


Suzianne M. Wallace 

FR, Psych. .Dripping 


Brion R. Walsh 

FR, Business, Austin 

Jeaninne Renea Ward 

SO, Elem. Ed?, Cuero 

Toni Leigh Ward 


Sharon Lundgren, Sarah 
Pressly and Jana Jordan were 
in East Germany and West 
Germany in the summer of 
'87. Here they are picture in 
front of the Brandenburg gate 
Radio Tower in West Ger- 
many. Sou'wester Photo 
Contest winner in the school 
holidays category. 



Kristy R. Waterman 

FR, Accounting, Waco 
Heather Rene Watson 
JR Sacred Music, 
Deanna L. Welburn 
FR, Undeclared, Ingleside 
Duana Cherly Welch 

Brad C. Weselman 

• r R, Chemistry-Premed, 

Julie M. West 
SO.Accounting, Blanco 
William Troy West 
FR, Business/Political 
Sci., Houston 
Troy Neal White 
FR.Comp. Sci. .Cypress 

John Newbern 

SO, Business, Houston 
Cari R. Wieland 
FR, Undeclared, Austin 
Julie Lee Wilbur 
FR, Undeclared, Houston 
Jeffrey Sean Williams 
JR, Eng., Dana Pt. CA 

Dorothy L. Wilson 

SO, Math/French, 
Leslie Ann Wilson 
JR, Biology, San Antonio 
Shawn Eric Wiltse 
SO,Actng,Antioch IL 
Kimberly J. Windeler 
JR, Poli. Sci., Friend- 

Ahh, Mexico! Kneeling are 
Mike Young, Hogun Kim and 
Scott Hanson. Standing are 
Eric Yeon, Blake Hall, Kim 
Carter, Darren Britt, Trey 
Wackman, Palmer Niehaus, 
James Pennoni, Melinda 
Rogers and Liz Lind. This 
crew indulged in Metamorus 
for Spring Break and you can 
bet they did not drink the wa- 



Damon D. Withrow 

FR, Undeclared, Orange 

Michael Scott Wolfe 


Esther Ai Huey Wong 

SO, Comp. Sci./Math, 


James Michael Wood 

FR, Computer Sci. .Hewitt 

Gay Carole Woodall 

SO, Music History, 


Jennifer Lynn Wrubel 

FR, Elem.Ed., Austin 

Joyce Dell Yarbrough 

FR, Pol. Sci., Edinburg 

Caroline Ann Yeoman 

SO, Psych., Houston 

Eric Jevnsuk Youn 

FR, Computer Science, 


Shari K. Schwinger 

JR, Psychology, 


L. Roxanne Simpkin 

JR, Psychology, 


Prof. Wolfgang Karrer 

Renate Albers 

Maike Ballerstein 

Marion Braune 

Thorsten Bussieck 
Dagmar Doering 
Katrin Fedrowitz 

Gude Fleischhauer 

Ralf Lieschewski 

Christel Naughton 

Rita Nilius 

Barbel Wegenfeld 



Link To The 'future 


#>Jfv< ► ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Left to Right: Junior Class Agents, Sandra Durrenburger and Valerie Lovell; Freshman 
Class Agents Lee Liedecke and Cathy Fuller; Sophomore Class Agents David Rex and 
Angela Straface. Not Pictured: Senior Class Agents Daniel Zorn and Sarah Faulkner. 

More than 28 percent of Southwestern's student body participated in Link To The Future, a week-long student campaign that raised 
$655 for a need-based scholarship to be awarded in the Fall of 1988. The funds contributed by students will be matched 4:1 for 
Southwestern's permanent endowment by the Brown Challenge, a matching gifts program generously provided by the Brown Foun- 
dation of Houston. 

The Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes competed against one another to build the longest chain by selling $1 links. The 
campaign was organized and implemented by two Class Agents and a committee of volunteers from each class. Almost 35 percent 
of the Sophomore class participated, morethan 22 percent of the Junior class participated and 9 percent of the Senior class contributed 
to the campaign. The Freshmen won the competition with more than 39 percent of their class participating in the event. 

Victor Acepcion 
Kevin Adams 
Judy Albright 
Bill Alexander 
Lori Allbright 
Leslie Armsworth 
Eufemia Baca 
Lori Baur 
Robert Blanco 
Tammy Bland 
Brent Bledsoe 
Daniel Blystone 
Becky Borjas 
Vance Boyd 
Garrett Brandt 
Jon Brinkley 
Enrique Brockman 
Helenanne Butler 
James Campbell 
Ramiro Canales 
Meg Carroll 
Joe Case 
June Chen 
Ron Chovanec 
Guillermo Cockrum 
Katie Conerly 
Laura Cordes 
Rob Darrah 
Vaness Davis 
Harland Dewitt 
Jorge Diaz 
David Dickie 


Lisa Dreishmire 
Gary Dugan 
Trina Earles 
Patrick Eitenbichler 
Janice Elhert 
Brad Epley 
Diane Finley 
Paul Fitzgibbons 
Rachel Foote 
John Forsberg 
Jack Franklin 
Courtney Franks 
Cathy Fuller 
Carol Gallrein 
Dani Gazarek 
Lewis Taylor Goss 
Ann Guy 
Nancy Hageland 
Brent' Hall 
Liza Haris 
Robin Harris 
Kent Haythorn 
Janet Henderson 
Chris Holland 
Laurie Husman 
Jill Jones 
Lori Jones 
Heather Kissinger 
David Kratz 
Milissa Kwan 
Danielle Le Tourneau 
Christine Leonard 


Lee Liedecka 
Clint Lively 
Gustavo Luna 
Brigid Malek 
Fred Manar 
Leslie Marsh 
Debbie Maschal 
Matthew Mayes 
Lynne McCreary 
Katie McDowell 
Julia McElreath 
Craig McKinney 
Karen Meyer 
Steve Min 
Martin Moore 
Gavin Morgan 
Andy Ozley 
Tim Painter 
Rebecca Paley 
Xochitl Paredes 
Eric Patterson 
Samara Paysse 
James Perdue 
David Pickering 
Chip Pierce 
Angela Pinson 
Karla Portman 
Renee Preiss 
Alexander Reilly 
Allen Roark 
James Rodriguez 
Amy Russell 

Scott Sandoval 
Sossy Sarikhanian 
Karen Schulze 
Lisa Scott 
Paige Secrest 
Alan Shackelford 
Tony Shafer 
Tracie Shelton 
Ellen Short 
Juliet Smith 
Suzanne Stahl 
Hobey Strawn 
Lori Tackett 
Buffy Lin Taylor 
Shannon Taylor 
Bryan Thomason 
Andrew Thompson 
Hilton Turnbull 
Laura Urquidi 
Cindy Vargas 
Virgil Villarreal 
Suzi Wallace 
Wes Warren 
Duana Welch 
Troy West 
Lance Westcott 
Caroline Wieland 
Laura Wilson 
Damon Withrow 
Michael Wolfe 
Mike Wood 
Eric Youn 




\ \ hi 

* ; .W; 





\mv\x8t' tOLJtlVl^ 

Student Qovemment 


Left to right, bottom row: 

Robyn Goodrich, Michelle 

Hudson, Kim Bartkowicz, 

Lisa Dreishmire, Maria 

Kruger, Sherly Hardt, Brigid 

Malek. Top row: Scottie 

Shepherd, Hardy S. 

Erhardt, Scott H. Sharp, 

Ramiro Canales, James A. 

Rodriguez, Robert M. 

Towle, Cynthia Burton, 

Jeffrey Bennett (president). 


Student Coalition for an Organized Peace Effort. Below, 
left to right, row 1 : Rebecca Cheney, Kris McGowen, Ed 
Youngblood, Katia Paredes, Roxanne Simpkin, Jeff lezzi, 
Duncan Cormie, unidentified. Row 2: Tasha Clark, Grant 
Smith, Ernie McNutt. Left: Members of the Animal Rights 
Advocates group listen to a guest speaker. Left to right: 
Ernie McNutt, Ed Youngblood, Roxanne Simpkin, Kris 



and '(PoCiticat Qroups 

Union Program 

Left to right, top row: Susan 
Parker, Tom Stell (president), Mar- 
garet Parker, Kevin Adams. 
Bottom row: Bobby Green, 
Shannon Hart, Shelly Immel, 
Steven Self, Sharon Birch. The 
UPC organizes entertainment for 
the student body and was 
responsible for the appearance of 
Joe King Carasco in the spring of 
1988 (pictured below). 


Precinct Chairman for Precinct 
8 (S.U's precinct) Reb Bac- 
chus (3rd from right) with stu- 
dents, including Mike Flaniken 
(2nd from right) Young Re- 
publicans treasurer and chair- 
man Steve Katsurinis (far righ 






Left to right, bottom row: 
Lee Liedecke, David Rex, 
Jim Grant (president), David 
Strietman . Top row: 
Leigh Gard, Kathy Fuller, 
Diane Crucian. 


Sou wester 

Student foundation 

Student Foundation is a selected group of 

students who are dedicated to the advancement 

of Southwestern University through involvement 

in student recruitment, alumni activities, and 

public relations. Above, left to right, row 1 : 

Daniel Zorn, Stacy Chiesa, Buffie Evans, David 

Rex, Karin Brown, David Sulkowski, Connie 

McManus. Row 2: Dorita Hatchett, Stacey 

Sims, Leslie Williamson, Ally Dodge, Tamra 

Trimble, Mary Beth Karr (advisor), Sharon 

Graham, Liza Brethouwer, Camille Santry. 

Row 3: Melissa Dillingham, Kenneth O. 

Simon, Karen Winn, Matt Dean, 

Robyn Davenport, Thomas Oliver, 

David Vander Straten, Jerry House, 

Whitney Anderson, Peter Soria, 

Jim Grant. Not pictured: Kate Butler, 

Tracy Hailing, Kelly Tenley, 

Susan Williams, Beth Stanley. 

Right: Kenny Simon, Melissa 

Dillingham and Barbie Rose 

participate in the annual 

Phonathon, a Student 






SHARP (Students Helping the Admissions Re- 
cruitment Process) is an organization sponsored 
by the Admissions Office. Above are "those won- 
derful SHARP coordinators" Tom Oliver, Matt 
Dean and Sonja Peterson. 



Latin Friendship 

Left to right.front row: Ramiro Canales, James A. Rodriguez, Katia 
Paredes, Steve Gonzales, Gus Luna, Nestor Berrocal, David Huang. 
Back row: Richard Santos (faculty), Xochitl Paredes, Sylvia Patter- 
son, Cynthia I. Vargas, David Mok, Mark Morales. 





Ebony is designed for students interested in Black awareness. Above, members in- 
clude Marcellous Scott McZeal IV; Roderick Sanford, vice president; Trade Shelton; 
Christopher Plumlee, president; and Gerald Embry. Left: Ebony members Ray 
Baranco, Gerald Embry and Harry Hill in the homecoming parade. 


London Semester 

Right: Melissa 

Hudson at the 

Leichenstein sign 

at the border of 

Leichenstein and 

Switzerland crossing the 

Rhein river. Below, left: 

Madeline Guadagnoli, Paige 

Peters, Vicky Vanderwind and 

Beth Gibson shopping in 

Dublin, Ireland. Below, right: 

Sharon Rork, Vickey Vanderwind 

and Melissa Hudson with a guard 

at the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland . 



Abroad Program 



#j - r 

4 1 . 

Above: 1987 Fall London Semester 

Abroad Program students and 

faculty participants. Left: 

Posing in Dublin, Ireland 

are a native Irishman, 

Beth Stanley, Paige 

Peters, Vicky Van- 

derwind, Sharon 

Rork and Abbi 





This page.Top, left: R.A. Kendra Trachta (back row, third from left) and her 
"girls." Middle, left: R.A. Christine Moulds (bottom row, far right) with the gang 
in Mabee. Bottom, left: R.A. Claire Harrison (back row, far left) with her up- 
perclassmen hall. Below: 3rd Kurth R.A. Karen Roper gets fliped out by Carol 
Garcia while trying to enforce her authority while Karen Schultze look on. 
Opposite page. Top, right: Jeni "Flex" Gwinn performs in Sing with the 
Residence Life staff. Near right: Freshmen Tina Hebert (left) and Sonya 
Thomas (right) study the Survival Kit Freshman Guide used for orientation to 



The Physical Education, 
Athletics, Recreation & 
Leisure Club is a organiza- 
tion for students interested 
in lifetime recreation skills 
and fitness for the commu- 
nity at large. Left to right, 
Row 1 : Wendy Helburn, 
Hardy Erhardt, Frank Elliot. 
Row 2: Stacie Necessary, 
Candy Bloom, Christine 
Leonard, Janet Henderson, 
Lisa Johnson. Row 3: Libby 
McKee, Shelley Maynard, 
Stacy Swoboda (pres.), 
Stephanie Baker (v. p.), 
Annette Jacobson, Dr. 
Alford (sponsor), Julie West. 

c Wdl ( Bdng 

Residence Life Staff 

Doug Garrard 

Men's Head Resident 
Jan Schultz 

Women's Head Resident 

Resident Assistants (R.A.s) and 
Sophomore Assistants (S.A.s). 
Row1: Barry Bain, Tim Brinkman, 
Christie Flynn, Krystn Sheltrown, 
Marcos Veloz, John Lopez, John 
Whitehurst, Adam D. Stewart, 
Steve Prince, Shawn Wiltse. Row 
2: Michele Wells, Palmi Testa, 
Martha Barrera, Shelly Witter, Lisa 
Johnston, Patricia Jaramillo, Chrisi 
Moulds, Dorita Hatchert. Row 3: 
Erin Hotchkiss, Irene Patterson, 
Theresa Deal, Jill Hagar, Linda 
Hall, Karen Roper, Holly Marshall, 
April Hampton, Jeni Gwinn, Kelly 
Tenley, Judith Manriquez, Maria 
Pfeiffer, Jill Brown. Row 4: Doug 
Garrard, Roland Brand, Jaysn 
Jameson (on top), Jerry Rigatos, 
Saul Laredo, Ben Austin, David 
Vander Straten, Karen Winn, Jan 
Schultz. Not pictured: Claire 
Harrison, Albert Shultz. 



The Sou'wester is the 
Southwestern Univer- 
sity yearbook. Pictured 
at right are contributer 
and next book's editor 
Kim Carter, and 1987- 
88 editor (this book) 
Heidi Lewis. Far right: 
Yearbook photograher 
Mike Gardner. 

The Megaphone is the 

weekly newspaper. At 

right, seated is editor 

Ben T. Jackson. 

Standing , left to right: 

Michelle Mosher- 


Stephanie Gimenez - 

arts & entertainment 

editor, Jason Fischer - 

reporter, Heidi Lewis - 

advertising manager. 

Not pictured: Joey 

Gimenez - feature/ 

sports editor, Kenny 

Simon - photography 

editor, Tamra Trimble - 





Southwestern Magazine 

The Southwestern Magazine provides a vehicle for 
the ideas, opinions, and creative efforts of the total 
University community. Beverly Couzens (left) 
served as the 1987-88 editor. Beverly published 
two issues of the magazine, one in the fall and one 
in the spring. 

Megaphone Typesetters 

Above: Michelle Mosher and Tamra Trimble. 
Left: Lara Stewart 






-WT*<^_ ■ii » .T* wr „^^W^P 

Photo courtesy of the Williamson County Sun. 








Lacrosse CCuS 

Opposite page: Phil Henry 
takes a shot at the goal in a 
January practice as a storm 
approaches. Below: The 
1987-88 Southwestern La- 
crosse Club. 

For the first time in it's five 
year history the Southwest- 
ern Lacrosse Club had a 
winning season with a 7-6 

On their way to victory and 
coached by administrator 
Monty Curtis, the Bucs beat 
Rice, Baylor, Louisiana State 
University, Oklahoma State 


University and Sam Houston 

Most Valuable Player for 
1987-88 was Matt Norris. 
Most Improved Player for 
1987-88 was Micheal Deane. 
David Dickie was named 
Freshman of the Year and 
Andy Ozley was named 
Rookie of the Year. Rob 
Ranee received the Hot Dog 

Don Earles set another rec- 
ord for the Bucs. He was the 
first player to score over 1 00 
points (a combination of 
goals and assists). 

Three players were named to 
the Southwestern Lacrosse 
Hall of Fame. They were Matt 
Norris, Robert Young and 
Travis Mathis. All are charter 
members of the team. 


^ pit 





'Kicking and 

Above, left to right, 
Kneeling: John Dap- 
per, Patrick Portmann, 
Marisa Grillo, Shawn 
Wiltse, Nestor B. Berro- 
cal, Frank Salinas, 
Michael Wolfe. Stand- 
ing: Jerry Rigatos, 
Scott Cressman, Barry 
Bain, Enrigue Brock- 
mann, Bob Bednar, 
Robby Celedonia, Kent 
Willis, Gus Luna. 
Right: Nestor Berrocal, 
Gus Luna and Bob 

Southwestern Soccer Club 



Southwestern Cheerleaders 

Above, bottom center: Cathy Fuller- captain. Top 
row, left to right: Dani Gazarek, Laura Ludwig, 
Claudia Reed, Joyce Yarbrough, Tracie Shelton - 
co-captain. Left: Left to right, bottom row: Tracie 
Shelton, Rachel Foote - mascot, Joyce Yarbrough. 
Top row: Laura Ludwig, Cathy Fuller, Claudia 
Reed, Dani Gazarek. 



: ,-., 

f "?■ - 



ty«4mj*4(p**™jdlfr^ (J\ l*prui u&itci J~ J ^^^^H^^^»^^ 


Chapter Officers 1987-88 

President Julie peeves 

V.T. of Efficiency Shari Schzvinger 

V<£. of Pledge Educ. Lesfie Wilson 

'Treasurer %obyn QreB 

Standards Xendra Trachta 

Scholarship Elizabeth %athburn 

Social Lara Stezvart 

%ush Chairman O-lolly Qraham 

Information Sheet Sheri Cfipson 

Senior Tanhellenic H\p5yn (Davenport 

Move., left to right, bottomrcrw: Allison %ear- 

ney, Sandra Durrenburger, Angela Straface, 

Jennifer Cunningham, Sari Schzvinger, "Holly 

graham, Susan 'Palms, "Kim Oivens. Rptv 2: 

Cathy tfendren, Carol "Rushing, "Kelly Jarrell, j 

Leigh Qard, "Valerie Lovell, Michelle "Wuest, j 

"BeverlyT.lliot, %endraTrachta, Laura "Walker, 

Tracy R$.ese, J ana Axons on. Rpzf 3. Shannon j 

QUI, D'LaneRunkles, "KrystnSheltrown, "Llise 

Qonzalez, Amy Cutrer, Carol Qarcia, "Debbie j 

"Volker, LislieArmstvorth, ReneeTreiss, "Barbie 

Rpse, Leslie "Wilson. Raw 4: DaraDelamere, ■ 

Dorothy "Wilson, Shelley "Buchanan, Tatty 

Sanchez, Martha "Kemper, "Kim Larson, j 

Danielle Odom, CileSpelce, "Kristy "Waterman, 

LaraSteivart, Jan "Vickers, Qaye Lynn gilbert. 

Rptv 5: Sheri Rpberts, Joan 'Bryant, "Kathy 

"Litis, Lauren Davis, "Kplli "Bremer, Liza "Bre- 

thouwer, gina'Brannies, Jill J ones, Ashley Rey j 

Johnston, Cheryl Morris, Lisa Catherine j 


Left: Three generations of ADTi's: "Wendy 

Smith, big sister to Anna Cooper, who is big 

sister to Jana Rpwe. Right, opposite page: 

ADTi's Sheri gibson, LauraSmith, 'Elizabeth ; 

Rathburn and Debbie 'Van Dyke at their last 

S '.11. party ■ their senior class party. 



Left: Spring p'Cege Mison Xearney finds the 
prized cherry in the pie at the annual "Kappa 
Mpha 'DerSy "Day. Move: Salty %gss looks 
«£«ttL . \ onas VLane junkies performs in Sing. 



jpT^^i-a^i*?^^^! ift.i^^^^M^^f^S^* 5 ^ 

Chapter Officers 1987-88 


Vice President 
Social Chair -man 
Tledge drainer 
'Panhetfenic (Pres. 

%ell\f { Kim6rough 

Susi 'Bertram. 

Stephanie Qimenez 

'Beth Chapoton 


'Diane Crucian 

Above., left to Tight, bottomrow: Amy ^Hughes; 
Susi (Bertram, Carta Crowe, Camilk Santry* 
Ally Dodge, 'Karen McLeod, Kim Breckpn 
%ffW 2: Amy %eif, Qeorgianne 9lewett, Julu 
'Davis, Stephanie Qimenez, Marisa Qrillot 
DedeOlatchett, (BethStanky, JillMagar, Abb 
Candish, 'Beth Chapoton. %pw 3: AmyTank, 
ersky, 'Meg field, Jean fitts, Theresa 'Deed 
Ionia Cooki 'Diane Crucian, Qena "Watson 
Joan Thompson, Laura 9{atwn. %pw 4 : Marju 
La %ffWe, Monica Zorrilla, Tenni Tant^ersky 
Shannon Ofsmnelky, 'Karen Quadrini, 9{ana 
Tartar, Laura 'Budgett, Silke Sahl. %pw 5 
%arin 'Brown, Cynthia 'Burton, MichelU 
Mklly, 'Xjistat'Rsid, 9(elly Kimbrough, Vakri 
Qriffith, Christi Crouch, Sarah Calcote, 'Bobb 
Buffington. 'Right: Sarah CaCcote andCamid 
Santry in the homecoming parade. Opposit, 
page, top: 1988 Spring Tkdge Class, far right 
Two unidentifkd Tri Delts last seen in tfu 
photo booth at Katz's Deli in April of 1988 
presently in Tijuana having their indexjinger. 
surgkally removed from their noses. 


l *^j!><^^M<J fc 3^|&^SMQ fc ^^ 

; . 







Above, 1987-88 (Delta Zeta's and (Big Brothers, front group: (Donna Hastings, Latisha Campbell, LynnetU Sterling, Mam 

Stewart, John "Davies. (Middle row: Leigh Ann demons, "Erin Allen, 9{ancy "Wofford, Isabel Martinez, "Peggy Hailey, 

"Diane "Hguyen, Xgren "Tongberg, "DanieLetourneau, Carrie "yeoman, Stacy "flood, "Philip (Henry. "Backjou): "Kjisty Lelvis, 

"Kimberly (Herbert, Maria Qelabert, Sharon graham, Melissa Marcom, TracyHarting, Lisa "Frantzen, Janis Abel. 

"Hgt pictured: Lyssa Mc'Daniel, "PrahbaQanapathy, Lai "Lng, Margaret "Parker, Jolene "Ferguson, Cindy Smith. 

Opposite page: The "Delta Zeta's perform in Sing in the (Fall of 1987. 



eCt Zet 


Chapter Officers 1987-88 

Vice President 
^cording Secretary 
Corresponding Sec. 
Junior Panhellenic 
and Philanthropy 

9daria QelaBert 

Stacy Jlood 

Lisa frantzen 

Carrie yeoman 

'Diane iHguyen 

Latisha Campbell 

Laura 'Kimball 

Karen lonberg 



Move, 1988 Spring Pledges, row 1: Venn 'King, %ent 

Odaythorn, r Brent Hall, James Campell, Bill ALe^ander. 

%gw2: Alexander %eilly, John Cotton, "Tim Painter 

•Doug Moore, Mife McQrath. tyfit: %appa Alpha 

president 'Whitney "Houston involved in intramural 

sports. Above, right: A %.A. crowd rallies at an 

intramural sojtball game. 


as appa MpH at 

"Kappa Alpha sold t-s flirts 

designed 6y fraternity member 

Todd'Esse to support the Qeor- 

getoton chapter of Mothers 

Against (Driving 'Drunk. 

I. 'Whitney Anderson 

II. Jerry young 


IV. John 'Morris 

V. Todd 'Esse 

Chapter Officers 1987-88 

VI. Men 'Brady 
I'll. Richard <Trymiri 
1/III. Matt Motes 
IX. Tat 'Berry 
%pse ■ Cynthia 'Burton 

'Below, TheSigs, row 1: Sarah faulkner, 
Debbie 'Van Dyke, "Ellen Monts, Mischan 
Johnson, Ashley Turner, Lara Stewart, 
OQm Owens, 9(annett LaBastida, Cheryt 
Morris, Lisa'Brethower. %pwZ: Mike 
Young, Chris Mayor, John ''Wahoo' 
Mahaffey, Darrenn fischer, Steve Smith, 
Allen Cazort, Andrew 'Walker. %cnv 3: 
'William McCalt, %pbert Young, 9{prwood 
'Williams, 'Doug Wipff. 9{pt 'Pictured: (Bruce 
McCallam, DerekSfoung, James Tennoni, 
Michael Chian. 


Move: Sigs and friends enjoy Spring ' 
Metamoras, Mexico atSomSeros. 'Below: Mary 'Eliza- 
beth 'Welmaker and Mike- Young at 'Blanca Whites in 
Me^co for Spring 'Break, 'Bottom: %at Aguirre and 
Cole Sidney at the Sigma on 'Bid Day. 

Chapter officers 1987-88 

Q'M- Scott Tass 
QT- Matt Jones 
Q'MC ■ Tim McQarity 
QS- 'DenkSfowy 

QT ■ James Tennoni 

Sigma !A. 

Move, 1988 Spring T [edges, Sottomrozu: Trey 
'Wackman, WiHey Theoni, Scott Sanson, 'Darren 'Britt. 
%piv2: Tim Smith, 'Rich Armstrong, Chris 'Williams, 
CoCe'Widney. 'Below: JQappa Sigmas and their entry in 
the homecoming 'Parade. 


Sou wester 

Cpfii <Detta IfietQ 

1987-88 Chapter Officers 

Vice President 

Muumni Secretary 
Soc ial Chairman 
Pledge Trainer 
'House Manager 
Chapter Advisor 



Scott 'Bailey 

Cjlenn Blackwood 

Qreg Proctor 


%gbbie Celedonia 

"Reid Morrison 

CDr. Score 

Above: Phi T>elt %pland Brand and freshman 

June Chen attending a mi^er at San Qabriel 

Park, Top, right: The men of Phi P>elta 

Theta. Middle, right: Spring pledge "Harland 

f De c Witt played many a weekend night at the 

Phi house with his band The Stoic Chinese 

'Waiters. 'Bottom, right: The Phi's whoop 

it up at Sing. 


"■111 III Ulll 111 Mil !■ 

Q reeks 

Move., the 1988 Spring pledges, kneedng, [eft to right, Justin Can, John forsBers, 
'Bohdy'A.C ''Hiigcociu Chrisco Davis, Chris XoUand. Standing: 'Brent 'fir- 
nando'Seaks, James Ttrdue, JackJ£ink_7rankiin, Ohariand DeWittUss, 'Paid 
< J r itzgiSBons, Matthew "Mayhew. 



(Pi %appa Mpfi^l 

Chapter Officers <^ 

President, fall 1987 (Matt (Henry 

Vice (President, fall 1987 (Don Campbell J 

(President, Spring 1988 (Don Campbell 

Vice Tres., Spring 1988 Jerry (House 


Members ofTi 'Kappa Alpha. Left to right, row 1: 
WeyDic'tfed', 'Dungef, Qregg 'TriMe'Dyar, 'Blitz, 
'QetLade.' %pu) 2: Marcos-Oiptl, Qlover O'H.L.T 
Johnson III, Johnny 'Boof %p, Lew, Toast, %as, 
'Down Under', 'Duckie Lugen from Hell, John 
'Davits ,c Wayvizs', Bonahadji, Dino, Lupe 'Mr. Odeis- 
man'Spic, Marg O'fRita, Kim K&i Dude, Big Mac, 
Adonis Ma^imus, Matt 'Kf %g,ttt Dean. %pw 3: 
J ennifer'Sheezy' Cunningham, Sheri's in London too, 
Julk1(feves,^pbyn 'AngeC Davenport, Angie 'CBA' 
Denny, Kfndra Mallard Ducki 'VaCs in London, 
Ahari 'Queycita' Schwinger, 'Bobby, Sheri 'The 
Qipper Qipson, Theresa 'Ted' Deal, Leslee fulbright, 
Beth PowelC, Jennifer QirowQ 'Bookie B., 'Boom 
Boom', B.M. Qoocfu %pw 4: Tom Oliver, Chris 
Damon, Steve Brince, Barry 'Bainer', Brink, Cowelit, 
Big Don, 'Me, Oieem, Mr. 'Wendy's, Zakj. ''Precious', 
'Mat- O- Zeus', 'Dr. 'Wayner', Juan, Mike Singer, 
Cream O'Buckwheat, The 'Oderb', The Beef, %g.h-Bd, 
tywborn, Shawn (Parsley, Casanova, D. Yankee, 
Mike '"Hawki, 'Doobop tfambone, Spooge, "Russell, 
Jedi, Jedi, £. 'Rj.tq Joe 'Weeden, Oa£ey. On flagpole: 
Clarence 'Vera, Jerome Bubba Jameson. On roof: 

Above: Junior Alan Calcote andBike Little Sister Jill 
•Hagar. LeffPi Kappa Alpha 'Traurnity BUdge 
Class A.O. 88. 



Seniors. Left to right, bottom row: TXyn Oionts, Sarah Jaulkner, Michelle Mucha, "Beverly Couzens, Michaela OJarris, Linda 
Stemple, Jroney Rins-worth, Meri fowler. "Top row. SueSommermeyer, BethTowell, Michele 'Wells, LauraTyler, Margaret Tyler, 
Ashley Turner. . ■ .,/ ^^ /* /~ 

9&D Initiates. Left to right, bottom row: Laura Urquidi, Suzi Wallace, Vrigid 'Motet Mary Catherine Coates. %pxv2- Trim 

e Z^>frnniferSchulze / LisaScott,Jeankfyeh,Ju^ 

Molly McXecLauraVrusch. %?xv4: SusanVonald, Sbme&cfa Jennifer Morrison, VamssaSchaeffer, ItyeCaMcChesney Lori 



Sophomores and Juniors. Left to 
Tight, bottom tow: Jennifer Blume, 
%aren Turner, 9\atherine Jerrey, 
'BrandiTowell, J ana Jordan. %owZ: 
%jisti 'Kitterman, Charesse John, 
'Becky Xendall, %±m Carter, Stepha- 
nie Tonus, J ana Cookj. Sarah Tress ly. 
%pw 3: OQisti QQtterman, karen 
iKolloman, CCaudia CKat) Aguiree, 
Sharon Lundgren, Susan T>indot. 
%ow 4: Ttarta Walker, Laura 
Turner, Jennifer Thillips, Susan 
Xamrickt 'Melinda %pgers, Sharon 
%prkj Martha Barrera, Amy 
Schmidt, Connie Xjueger. %crw 5: 
Lisa Johnston, Shanna Velany, 
Angele Cook,. %athy 'Delany, Vicky 
Vandtrwind, 9{ancy Littleton, 
Wynne Xaemisegger, %ris Triesen- 
hakn. %ow 6: Judy Lukert, Lori 
Boren, Sally Abbott, LeeAnne 
^Richardson, Mark Claire Abelanit, 
Libby McXee, "Ellen 'Breau^ Jill 
Qeorge, Amylu Streater. 9{pt pic- 
tured: 'Beth Qibson, Leslee 

1987-88 Chapter Officers 


"Kris friesenhahn 

mm Wi£m3 ] 

Vice President 

Sarah Pressly 

Pledge Trainer 

Leslee fulbright 


Sharon %ork\ 


Jill Qeorge 

Membership Chairman 

Ofancy Littleton 

'Ritual Chairman 

'Becky "Kendall 

'Historian Reporter 

Karen Turner 



T-lisa fontenot 


Above: Zetas Stephanie Tonus and 
Amy LuStreater at the Sigma. Left: 
Zeta Tau Alpha women perform in 






€K C 







.,. * 



■- .V 


- ■;&»-* 


SbuL fourth Ttau in *&IfUBhyoffs 


Sam Houston State U. Classic 
Angelo State U. Invitational 
'Missouri Western Invitational 

(Pittsburg State,%S 

William Woods, MO 

Qraceland College, 1%. 

T>rury College, MO 

'Kearney State, 9^E 

Missouri "Western St. 
Te\as Wesleyan Invitational 
9{AIA District 4 Championship 

11. of Mary Mardin ■'Balor 

Texas Wesleyan College 
9{AIA Optional Championship 

Carlow College, 'PA 

Lenoire Rhyne, ${£ 

11. of Jlawaii-'Hilo 

franklin College, lit 

<Brigham 'Young 11.-90 

11. of Wisconsin-Milwakee 

11. of 9lawaii-9{ilo 

Western Oregon State 11. 

additional honors 

9&IA (District 4 first Team 

Qerrie 'Bludau & Sheri Roberts 
9{AIA District 4 Second Team 

'Xjisty 9lorton 
American 'Volleyball Coaches Association/ 
%Hssell Athletics first Team All America 

Sheri Rpberts 

Oluntsville, IX 2nd 
San Angelo, TX 1st 
St. Joseph, MO Semifinals 

fort Worth, TX 3rd 

Milwaukee, Wl 4th 

9{ATA 'District 4 Wins & Losses 

Schreiner College W 

St. Mary's Univ. W 

Concordia Lutheran College W 

Te^as Wesleyan College L 

St. 'Edwards University W 

St. Mary's University W 

U. of Mary Mardin-'Baylor W 

Te\as Lutheran College W 

St. Mary's University W 

<HAIA District 8 

Tarleton Christian College, W 

Lubbock_Christian College W 

Midwestern State Univ. W 

Schreiner College W 

St. 'Edward's University W 

Concordia Lutheran College W 

St. Edwards University 'W 

St. Mary's University W 

Concordia Lutheran College W 

Texas Lutheran College W 

U. of Mary Olardin ■'Baylor W 

Texas Wesleyan College L 

Seniors Qerrie 'Bludau, Honorable 

Mention All- America Honor 

and Sue'DriscoCC, al987 0^AIA 

Volleyball Scholar Athlete 



"Wis^iicsig S'Lttsovt 

The team that did it and the 

coach who got them there, Qiada Munt. 

"Kneeling: "Wanda Kernes, 'Kiithanne (Betts, Susan (DriscoCC, %e6ecca Wilson, Cjerry 'Bludau, 
5 fieri %p6erts, Amy Van "Wyngarden. Standing: Coach 9v(unt, "Rpmar OSar, Jane Cfien, 
Margarita 9vfaCdonado, Lori Jones, "Kelly Jerrell, pristine Morton, Andy Sfieppard, Sydney 



/ ;» 

'4 ^ * ***iii 

f * „ 

I i 
I 1 


|W^ «*«> 

*> Wm 

■H • 

* Jk 


JuniorS fieri "Roberts of Austin 

was named Alt- American 

first Team. 


^utfianne (Beits 

Qerry (Btudau 

Susan (DriscoCC 

Wanda Vermes 

%eC[y JerretC 

Lori Jones 

'Eufemia (Baca 

Student 5\sst. Coach 
( J\pmar OSar 



June Chen 

9Qistine Morton 


0* #i 


%ebecca WiCson 

Sydney Qary 

Margarita MaCcConado 

Sfieri %gSerts 

Amy Van "Wyngarden 

Andy Sheppard 

Qerry <BCudau 

served as Co- Captain 

for tfte 1987 Lady Pirates team. 


i - '■ ';5*d 


Sou wester 

ft):m fliOJl 

Mike Anderson 

S0Zl { ZtiWlS ( TE%?t 

Eddie Bazan 

Brad Baker 

Don Childs 


Todd Marshall 

Todd Mantz 


Im /f/*A 

Hoby Stawn 


Jim Phillips 
Pat Primavera 

Paul Traeger 


Todd Fagg 

w. ■ 


Troy West 

fa *£% 

John Carpenter 

James Mills 
Pat Leonard 

( :SfcW ; 


Quentin Riley 


Jason Steed 

: ':*'\tt»V 

Kevin Kaiisky 


Don Shelton 

David Allen 


Andy Landry 

Troy White 

P3S* .pjJT 

>» "N* 

Lance Westcott 


Derek Kempf 


Tom Collins 

Student Assistant 

1 "■ 

Jim Matfon 

...18 years as (Head Coach 

Season (Record: 


Record vs 9fftlft 




3rdin (District W 



,,■*:,>■::■ - ;; -,-v -■*•■ .. ;^^;;'^vv•'•'^->•vf s .•..v. s .•*^-C.".^* v '" 

Southwestern baseball Letter men 





i\fifce Anderson 

Andy Landry 

'Ben Austin 

Quentin "Riley 


James 9dit(s 

"Don Cfiilds 

Troy "White 

"Eddie, (Bazan 

Jim Thittips 

Tat Leonard 

"Kevin %atisky 


"Don SheCton 

Todd 'Mars hail 


Todd Jagg 

Tat "Primavera 

John Carpenter 

Eddie Sanefiez 

Lance "Westcott 


Troy "West 

Jason Steed 

"David Allen 

9-foBey Strazun 

3eff Livin 

Pitching Coach 



















Ray Baranco 

Ron Chovanec 

Gerald Embry 

Pete Fink 

Photo courtesy of Williamson County Sun. 

Left: Chris TCumtee in the game against 'WayCand 'Baptist during the. S.ll.'s . 
9(eiV 'Year's Classic tournament, a game in zuhich he scored 36 -points. Above: 
The 'Sues in action against St. 'Mary's. Oppositepage: Team captain (Pete Jink, 
in the 98-77 scoring Odouston Titlotson game in January of '1988. 

Marcellous McZeal 

Doug Peak 

Chris Plumlee 

Wes Warren 


John Heath 

Charlie Hodges 

Dave Inemar 

Scott Matthew 


Chris Plumke, Junior 

%ay 'Baranco, Sopfiopmore 

John Jieath, Junior 

'David Inemer, Junior 

Wes 'Warren, freshman 

H{pn Chovanrec, freshman 

'Pete Jinki Junior 

Scott 'Matthew, Junior 

Dave Peakj. Sophomore 

Qeratd'EmBry, Junior 


14 Wins, 16, Loses 

Third Among Independents in 

District WOtylft. 

Co- Captains 

(Pete fin^and Chris Ptumlee 

Photo courtesy of Williamson County Sun. 



cj*Me Lm)<y (Buc c 

< WoM'E9£S 



Coach %e,da Clay 


The Lady Bucs at 'Rice, University for the Thanksgiving tournament. Vorita Xatchett, student manager of the Lady Bucs. 


Anna Cooper,Senior 
Annette Jacobson, Senior 

"Wendy Smith, Senior 

Stephanie "Baker, Junior 

Stacy SzvoSoda, Junior 

Tonda Qriggs, Sophomore. 

Traci 'Elliott, freshman 

Sinn Quy, freshman 

Janet Jfenderson, freshman 

SheraCyn 9dott, freshmnan 

Stacie 9{ecessary, freshman 


Anna Cooper 
Annette Jacobson 
Stephanie (Baker 


12 "Wins, 15 Loses 

"Went to first "Round of Indepen- 

dendents (Play-offs 

tournament Awards 

"Rice - Stacy Szooboda 

"Wayland "Baptist - "Wendy Smith 

Southwestern Classic -"Wendy Smith 

fionorabk Mention 

"Wendy Smith 

Left: Stacey Sivoboda in a game against the University of "Mary 
^Hardin 'Baylor in January, which S- .11. toon 73 -SO. Above: 
freshman Caroline Wieland helped manage the Buc team. 

Anne Quy 

Tonda Qriggs 

'Wendy Smith 

Stephanie 'Balder 


A pictorieat history of a tournament with the Lady flues... 
"Riee University , thanksgiving tournament 

Annette JacoSson 

Stacie 9{ecessary 

^Traci 'Elliott 

Sheralyn Mott 

Stacey SwoSoda 

Janet Anderson 

J ana %givc 

Anna Cooper 

SoU c TH c WES ( VE < K^i r L ( E$&(IS 'T'LftM 

"Right: Members of the 1987-88 Southwestern Tennis Team. Left to 
right, Bottom row: 'Katie Mc"Dowell, Leigh Qard, 'Kim Ochs, Ramiro 
'RamBo' Canales. 'Back, row. "David "Brehm, Kim Jlaney, John 
'Pattern, Susan "Donald, Cindy "Batot, Tat Choi. 9{pt pictured: Matt.' 
Mayhew, %(e?t Rfilly, Chris Davis, %gith Quehring, Mindy "Baker, 
RngeCaStraface, Coach G-wynn Joseph. Left, [eft to right, front row: 1 
Kim Ochs, lAngka Straface, Kim haney, Ramiro "RamBo' Canales. 
"Backjow: David'Brehm, StevenS- Rucinski, MexjmdcrRgitfy, Matt \ 
May hew, John "Patton. 

On the %gad.. 

Ofear right: Leigh 
(ford, Chris "Davis, 
"Matt Mayhew. 
Middle: "David 
"Brehm, AlcTcgnder 
"Redly, "Pat Choi, far 
right, opposite page: 
Steeping Matt May- 
hczv and ^Ramiro Ca- 


9fear right: "Kjm 
Ochs, Mindy "Baker, 
Cinday "Batot. 

Middle: Mindy 
Baker, Cindy "Batot, 
Chris Davis, Coach 

Ljtvynn Joseph. 


'Tennis Coach 

Qzvynn Joseph 

ftnd (PCaying the Qame. 

%gkt: Viitt Ak^atukr at the net. 


.•.* * 

i£| I HIS IS A *"" 


" mw 


Sfiirtey Lierman Mitfer 

Intercoftegiate Staff Assistant 

(A.%A. "Mom") 

Coach's Award 

Chris Qtumfee 

"S" Award 

Anna Cooler 

(Best (Defensive 

Pete (finf^ 

SheraCyn fMott 

All (District Awards 
%gy 'Baranco ■ (first Team 

Stephanie Balder 
Chris Ttumke - (first Team 

Academic Awards 

Stephanie 'Balder 

Pete (finfi 

'David Inemar 

Annette JacoSson 

Chris Tlumtee 

Stacy Szoo6oda 

Most Valuable Player 

!%ay (Baranco 
Wendy Smith 

Most Inspirational 

Tete (finfi 


Most (Dedicated 

\CKfr\Q lrrcT QlqA)(7lcDmc 

Academic Awards 


Annette Jacobson 

'David Allen 
'Ben Austin 


Most Improved 

( David r Peal^ 

'Brad 'Baker 

(Don Childs 

"S" Award 

Burke O'Malley 

Tonda (Jriggs 

Andy Landry 

Todd Marshall 
James Mills 


c VOLL ( L < y ( B%f,f, 

(Pat (Primavera 


'Eric fo^ 

Trade Shelton 

Most Improved 

9Qisty Olorton 

m C f rr # 


%achel Joote 
Joyce c yarbrough 

Laura Ludzvig 

flit (District Awards 

Cathy fuller 

S fieri Roberts ■ first Team 

Most Improved 

Claudia %eed 

Qerrie Bludau ■ first Team 

JQm Ocfis 

(Dani (Jazaref^ 

JQisty Olorton - SecondTeam 

Matt Mayheiv 

Academic Awards 

(Best Attitude 


Sue (Driscoll 
'Wanda Hermes 

Leigh Cjard 


'Becky 'Wilson 

Academic Awards 

William (B, Swift 

June Chen 

In recognition and appreciation 

Cynthia Batot 

'JQm 9laney 
Angela Straface 

for the support and contribu- 
tions made to the Southzvestern 
University athletic program. 

<BflS<EBflf,f t 

Most Valuable (Player 

flit-District Team 

, 9Qm ttaney 

Jim Phillips 

'Don Shelton 

Most (Dedicated 

r DerekJK&mpf 

James Mitts 

Steve Itycinski 

'Sat Leonard 



■ •' 




/ / 


*:"". - 



■ ;:/fi4 


(Director of Intramurals 

(Don Heins 

Student Intramural 'Directors 

Men's ■ %gbSmitk 


fall-Donna "Hastings 

Spring- Jill Brozvn and Jenni jFle^ 

flag *} : ootBatl Champions. The 
Opus, 1st floor 'Herman Brozvn. Left 
to right, Bottom row: Michael 
frantz, David 'Kjatz, Joe Case, Jacfi 
franklin, 1/ictor JZcepcion. Ibp rati?: 
$^5 'Blanco, Taulfitsgibbcms, 9dik$ 
Robertson, 'Brian Thomason, Stanly 1. 
Curtis, Bill'Wolfle. This zvas the first 
time ever in the history of Soutfkuesi- 
ern intramurals for a freshman team to 
zoin this title. 

Thinners in other categories : 
'American League" %.%.. Ill 

'^{ational League ' fijtter 1 

'Scab League ' Thi Ddt 1 

S.tL. 5000 Meter "Turkey Trot zvas 

on November 19, 1987. John Santry set 

a neiv record for S. 11. tvith his time of 

1 7:07:00. 'Winning teams: 

Men's, %appa Alpha 57:50. 75 

Women's, Inmates 77:30.00 

Individual Winners: 

JohnSantry 17:07.00 

%artn%ffper 21:32.00 

Tht Inaugural 'Easter %aSbit 
r Run/'Wal^tvas on March 30, 1988. 
The overall 'tvinner, Jeff Bennett tvith a 
time of '17:07. 00. In, the tvomen's divi- 
sion %aren 3{ppcr came in first , her time 


198S Intramural Iracfand ffidd 
Champions: 'Women - QDI, Men - 
Men's Basketball Team. 

In the 'Women's Division of vhe 
Southwestern University Intramural 
Track^and field Meet, three teams 
cornered all th^, points: Q'DI taking 
first -place honors with 60 points; 
Inmates,, second place with 3 7 points 
andthe WildWenches, third place ^^— 
with 8 points. 

There were only two records broken in 
the entire meet, both by women; one, 
the. 400 Meter Run performance by 
Janet Odenderson, Q'DI, when she. ran 
the 400 meters in 1:07.10, breaking the 
record set by lAlfie Vela in 1980, which 
was 1.07.8Z; and two, Dani Qazarek. 
ran a :291 seconds in the 200 meter 
dash breaking the old mark^of :29 .61 
set by Ten Tarvin in 1987. Dani 
Qazarekj run was amazing in that she 
ran xhe race uncontested. 

The frLcn's Dilution winner vjasn't 
decided until tht final race, the 1600 
Meter Relay. The Men s 'Basketball 
Team won the 1600 meter relay givirg 
them enough points, 53, to win the 
meet. T%& was a close second with 50 
points. Third place went to TDTwith 
39 points. c KStookJourthwith21 
points, faculty was fifth gathering $ 
points and Independents picked up 4 
points for sveth place. 

'Badminton Champion 'Team; 
Dr. fabritius/Dr. Dtnman 
'Tennis. Singles: r Eric Stray, Doubles: 
Bill Jordan/Eric Stray. 

'Women's 'Division Results 

field 'Events 

Odighjump: S her alyn Matt, Wild Wenches, 


Long Jump: Janet Udenders on, QDI, 14"7.5" 

Softball Throw: Rristi Odorton, QDI, 178'6" 


400 M. Relay: Inmates, :6Q.8 

1 00 M. Dash: 'Kelly Toarch, QDI, :13. 7 

400 M. 'Hun: Janet Odenderson, QDI, 

1:07:10 (new record) 

800 M. Run: Janet Odenderson, QDI, 2:47.5 

800 M. Relay: QDI, 2:08.4 

50 M. Dash: Dani Qazarekj, Inmates, :07.0 

200 M. Dash: Dani Qazarekj. Inmates, 

:29.1 (new record) 

Men's Division Results 
field "Events 

Odighjump: Ray Baranco, Men's Basket- 
ball, 60" 

Shot Tut: Craig Carroll, %%., 43' 11' 
Long Jump: Ray Baranco, Men's Basket- 
ball, 19' 11. 5' 

Discus: Corey Anderson, TDT, 113 5' 

3200 M. 'Run: JohnSantry, %A, 11:44.09 
400 M. Relay: TRA, :46.8 
100 M. Dash: Ted Turner, T%A, -.11.5 
400 M. Dash: Scott Matthews, Men's 
Basketball, ;56.0 

800 M. Dash: Jayson Jamison, TRA, 2:12.4 
800 M. Relay: Men's Basketball, 1:42.3 
200 M. Dash: Scott Matthew, Men's 
Basketball, :24S 

1600 M. Run: Mike franz, TRA, 5:29.1 
1600 M. 'Relay: Men's Basketball, 4:04.0. 

Men's Division %esutis 
field 'Events 

"High Jump: 'Ray Baranco, Men's Basket- 
ball, 6'0" 

Shot Tut: Craig Carroll, RA, 43' 11' 
Long Jump: Ray Baranco, Men's Basket- 
ball, 19 '11. 5' 

Discus: Corey Anderson, TDT, 1135' 

3200 M. Rjin: JohnSantry, %%., 11:44.09 
400 M. Relay: TRA, -.46.8 
100 M. Dash: TedTurner, TRJ{, :11.S 
400 M. Dash: Scott Matthews, Men's 
Basketball, :56.0 

800 M. Dash: Jayson Jamison, TRJl, 2:12.4 
800 M. Relay. Men's Basketball, 1:42.3 
200 M. Dash: Scott Matt hero, Men's 
Basketball, :24.9 

1600 M. Rjin: Mike franz, TRA, 5:29.1 
1600 M. Relay: Men's Basketball, 4:04.0 


Pu5 (fames. Winners in Darts 

Singles: Scott Shepherd 

Doubles: Scott Shepherd/Scott Shearer 

Winners in Ting Tong 

Singles: Rafael Talaganas 

Doubles: Rafael Talaganas /James 


Tool Tournament, february 2, 1988. 
Winning Teams: 
1st Old Long /Eric Stray 
2nd DonMMiddlebrook/Matt 

3 rd TauC franz/Qreg Warmink. 
4th Tat Berry/John Xpsty 
Individual Winners: 
1st Jess Turdy 
2nd Rpb Smith 
3rd Taut franz 
4th ReidMorrison 
Women's Winner: 
Tri Delta ., 



Women's Soccer. Top, [eft: The Wdd 
"Wenches vs. the inmates , the champi- 
onship team. Top, right: The. 1\ r i(d 
"Wenches, third 'place. "Bottom, Ceft and 
right: Tri "Deks vs. a freshman team. 

Men's Soccer. ?iearieft: The Inde- 
pendent team as champs. Top, right: 
The Independent team vs. Pike I for the 
championship. Top, Ceft: (PatrickjPort- 
man faking for the Tikes. "Bottom, far 
[eft: 9£ester"Berrocd kicks for the Inde- 




mt^J £^X j > ^S^^m 

m \ 




Softball. Top,right: 'Bruce. Beasley 
Bats for (Kappa Mpha, the champion- 
ship team.. Lower, right: The. 'Wenches 
of '3rd (Kdrth celebrate their intramural 
softbait championship. Left to right, 
front row. Susan Busch, Jill Brown, 
Trisha (Peterson. Middle row. Qay 
(Redman, "Nina Latimer, Sheryt "Hardt, 
Diane Jinley, Jdl Jones. 'Back. row. 
'Debbie Volker, &nn Stephens, Mania 
"Krugtr, Maryanne 9{avickas, %elli 
Bremer, Carol ' Qarcia, (Karen Rpper. 

Top, left: (Rafael Talaganas prepares 
for a game with the Tike team, which 
placed 2nd in Softball. 

Intramural softball teams. 
Independent I- row 1: David (Rposth, 
Qary Qreenkes, Matt Raiser. Row 2: 
Scott Shearer, Shane Strickland. Rpzu 
3: Scotty Shepherd, f EriCjFox_. (Rpw4: 
"Wes Wilaert, Jamie Bufkjn. The ge- 
nerics, %uter 1st- (RpWl: JZllcnRparkj 
Brent "Quicks Catch' Seaks, Bohdy 
Oledgcock* Chris "Holland. -Row 2: 
JorgeDiaz, Barry Bain. Row 3: Garret 
Brandt, Qary Dugan, Saul Laredo, 
Steve (Prince. Rpw 4: Mike Qardner. 
Ruter Rocks, Rjiter2nd- Row 1: "Jred 
Manor, Brian Rjyszsewski, Scot San- 
dival. Rpw 2: Eddie Tupo, Chip Tierce, 
Justin "Elmore, Stuart Colburn, "Ron 
Chovanec, Mike (Remus, Terry Smith- 
son. Bottom left: (Paul "Franz coaches 
in Boots Elliot for the Tike team. Taul 
also officiated other S. 11. intramurals 



'Volleyball. The Independents (top, 
right) win the, championship game 
{middle, right) against "Kappa Alpha. 
The "Wild "Wenches win over Alpha 
"Delta "Pi in the women's division. 
"Bottom: "The Opus team of "Herman 
"Brown dormitory. "Bottom, left: 
"Boots "Elliot andAngie "Denny 

*Bastket6aCC S-ll "Magic (women's "Below: Tike III captures the middle 

Independent team) defeats Alpha division title in basketball in a game 

Delta Ti for the title in intramural (bottom, middle) against a "Phi Delta 

basketball (left). Bottom left: Thi I Ifieta team, 
wins the upper division championship. 

- -• ... 




Suhm Meet. In the "Women s (Division of 
the South-western University Intramural 
Swimming Meet, tfie Inmates almost 
douBledthe score on their nearest competi- 
tor, second plate Delta Delta Delta. 
Taking first plcxe honors, the Inmates 
collected 53 points, DDD gathered 28 
points. Mi^ed 9{uts was third with 15 
points,- Alpha Delta (Pi, fourth with 7 

points end Censored managed 6 points for 
fifth place. 

Jour women's swimming records were 
broken. Laura Mussman, Inmates, Bet- 
tered her own record in the 50 yard frees - 
tyle from 27.75 seconds to 27.56 seconds. 

Karen Winn, Inmates, Bettered her own 
record in the 100 yard individual medley 
from. 1 : 12.08 to 1 :1 0.06. 

The Inmates 200 yard medley relay team, 
composed of 'Tat Loughran, %aren Winn, 
LauraOdussman, andD.rinOdotchlciss, was 
timed in 2:28.05, Breaking the oldrecored 
■ of 2:32.32 set By L9£ I in 1984. 

In the Men's Division (Phi Delta Theta 
won the championship amassing a total of 
43.5 points. (Pi %appa Alpha too&econd 
place honors with 28.5 points. Xappa 
Alpha collected 21 points for third place. 
Tacutly was fourth with 13 points and 
Independents scored 2 points for fifth 

The (Phi Delt 100 yard freestyle relay team, 
composed of Todd Qantt, Corey Anderson, 
9fed grant, and %oBBie Celdoni, was 
timed in 45.62 seconds to Brealctheir own 
old record of 45 37 seconds, set in 1983. 

%S>B Smith andOdike. Stay, members of the 
3rd place %.A. team. 

The exhibition cannonBall contests pro- 
vided the fans with excellent entertain- 
ment. The judges awarded Amy hughes 
first place and Valarie Qriffith second 
place in the women's division. Douglas 
Qarrard tookfirst place honors and Craig 
Carroll, second place, in the men 's division. 

Meet judges and timers were Dr. %en 
Afford, Harold Ddson, Dr. Jred CHilge- 
man, Christine Leonard, Dr. (BoB Morgan, 
Dr. %en 'RpBerts, (Ben Sherman, (BoB 
Stage, and Dr. Qregory Washington. 
Announcing the events was Don 'Heins. 

2nd place (P.HQA, team memBcrs, Jerome 
WcBB and MarfiAucoin. 

S. 11. faculty and administration help offi- 

dautf* meet, teft to right: Dr. Mor m n, Overall Intramural Champs 

'Ben Sherman, Dr. Washington. -L 


I. Inmates total points 801.42 

II. "Wild Wenches total points 628 

III. Mpfia 'Delta (Pi total points 613 

. I. £P/tt Delta Theta total -points 1194.5 

II. "Pi 'Kappa Hljpfia total points 1095 

III . %appa Alpha total points 1059, 5 



' y 



p&ciaC 'Bpmis 





rown Symposium and Special Guests 

'Beginning Jebruary tenth, Southwestern 
University, through the Brown founda- 
tion, sponsored the 10th annual Brown 
Symposium. This year's highly successful 
gathering centered on Africa and the 
Afro-American e?qperience. (Dr. Weldon 
Crowley, history prof essor and chair for 
history, coordinated the three day event. 

The symposium featured Alex "Haley as 
the keynote speaker, the welt-known au- 
thor of %oots_ an dThe Autobiography ol 
'Malcolm X. 

Other particp ants in the Brown Sympo- 
sium included r Dr. John Biggers, an artist 


Special 'Events 

whose works were on dip lay in the fine 
Arts Building gallery, author 'Paula 
Qiddings, linguist and anthropologist 
Ivan 'Van Sertima, and world-famous 
paleontologist T>r. 'Donald Johanson. 

The focus of the Symposium was that we 
as mankind, through our study of history, 
or, as T>r. Crowley terms it, "a venture 

into self -understanding," begin to rethink] 
our roots, excerpts from 'Symposium Calls for 
%ifocus on Studies, ' by %enny Simon 

Below: 'Brown Symposium speakers; left to right: 
Ivan 'Van Sertima, 'Paula Qiddings and 'Donald 
Johanson with iVeldon Crowley standing behind 
chair. 'Bottom, left: Cyndi CMerril.gets an auto- 
graph from!Ale\9laley. lop, left: Donald Johan- 
son speaks to a full house in the lAlma Thomas 
Theatre at Southwestern. 

Top, [eft: %uthAnn Betts (left) with Dr. 
'Donna Lopiano (right), a Jessie Daniel 
Ames lecturer. "Middle, left: gloria 
Turner speaks on "Minority "Women on 
"Wall Street" at freshman Symposium. 
"Bottom, left: Dr. James L. Cone, "Reli- 
gion Lecturer, answers questions as Chris 
"Plumlee andTarlexjSnelllookjm. "Below: 
Megaphone reporter %enny Simon inter- 
views Philip glass, composer of" "Kcnjaan- 
isqatsi, "as "Tine Arts Dean Ted Lucas lis- 

j r s 

P'-F* * 





Move: Coach Jim Motion is deemed Mr. Odome- 
coming and receives a '-plaque from Coach'Paul 
Teak^ 'Right: Ti %appa Alpha wins 1st place in 
the annual Sing contest for the fifth year in a 
tow. Shown (left to right) are fraternity mem- 
bers TeterSoria, Tim Brinkman, Adam Stewart, 
JranfCLlliot, T>an 'Vera, and 'Boots 'Elliott in 
their rendition of "South 'Pacific. ' 'Bottom, right. 
Alpha (Delta Ti sorority captures 3rd place in 
Sing. 9{ptpictured: Iri'Delta sorority takes 2nd 
place in Sing with 'Wizard of Oz. ' Below: Zeta 
Tau Alpha sorority performs in Sing. 


Speciat 'Events 

*''■ J 



Sing M.C. Xenny Simon gets a pit in the face 
from co-host lorn Orr. Pfe returned thefavoi: 

"Right: Left to right, Residence Life staff mem- 
bers Shelly Whitter, ' and.Xend.Ta 
Trachtapay tribute to retiring DeanSwift with 
their group in Sing. 

Above: 2nd floor %u.rth's performance in Sing 
marks the first time a freshman* group has en- 
tered the competition in recent years. 'Below: 
sVDTi's T.lizabeth'Rathburn (on truckhood) and 
9dolly Qraham (on truck_cab) in the homecoming 
parade with their sorority. 


Above: Southwestern baseball team members 
ham it up at the homecoming parade. "Right: 3rd 
floor L.%. says goodbye to Dean "BillSwift with 
a balloon release in the 1987 homecoming pa- 



SpeciaC 'Events 

'Right: The Independent band "'High 'Velocity 
performs at the Fndependentparty onligvember 
6, held at the Qeorgetown Community Center. 
On the drums John Kennedy, Andy Branden- 
bergerin backi Qer aid Cantor singing. Below: 
Joe Xing Coras co jams in the (Bishops 'Memorial 
Union withS-11. students in the Spring of '88. 
'Bottom: The student band 'The Stoic Chinese 
Waiters', which opened for the "'King" concert, 
pose with Joe. Synthesizer player for the "Wait- 
ers" O-bartand DeTlUt is sorry he couldn't be in 
the photo. 'He had 'business. " 

Above: 'Rjngo Starr' on the drums. 
'1964' recreates the concerts of the lSGO's 
Beatles for audiences throughout the US and 
Canada and attribute their great success to de- 
tail, from the accents and mannerisms to the 
a^act type of instruments and equipment. But 
what is ready amazing is their sound, especially 
thevocalharmoniesofJohnand'Paul. They have 
been called uncanny, incredible and mesmeriz- 

j>ou wester 


9(ear right: Tim'Brinkmantakes ahreaf^ 
on 9-iaivaiian theme night at the 
Thonathon. Jar right: 9dotfy < Mc%ee 
on the phone. "BeCozv: Something" and 
'Melinda Lee are hard at tuorf^. 

Special 'Events 

It was another record breaking year for 
the (Rational Alumni Thonathon in 

Almost 100 student volunteers helped 
raise more than $110,000 in pledges from 
aluni to Be matched at least dollar for 
dollar By the (Brown Challenge - a match- 
ing gifts programgenerously provided By 
the 'Brown foundation of Houston. 

The five top callers - Matt (Dean, Peter 
Soria, (David %&\, Lee Liedecke, and 
Angela Straf ace - were treated to four 
fun days of skiing in (Breckenridge, Colo- 
rado. It was a trip highlighted by nine 
inches of new snow, skiing lessons, in- 
tense games of dictionary, several deli- 
cious meats, and nightly trolley rides 
around a storyBooktown still glittering 
with Christmas lights and accented By 
larger-than-life ice sculptures. They 
were accompanied By Qwen Scott, (Di- 
rector of Annual (jiving. 

ABovc, left to right: l David c Ke\ J Angela 
Straface and Lee Liedecke indicate how 
pleased they are to Be in Colorado. Left, 
left to right, the dictionary players: (Pe- 
ter Soria, (Matt (Dean, Angela Straface, 
David %eKi and Lee Liedecke- 



Sou zt'cster 

tudious. but Crazy Southwesterners 

•lV/ >•/?•'• : v£y 




Top, [eft: Sfieri %e[[ey. Midd[e, [eft: Rngie 
Cooky. 'Bottom, [eft: 'DavidSutkpwski.'Befow: 
Mdissa %wan. Bottom: Mike. Odsaio (winner 
in Sou wester -photo contest, studious category). 

Above: Tamra1ri6[e. 
Left: JanaAronson. 
Be[oW: Chris (Davis. 


"Below: "Ken Manning (left) andSidam 

"Haughty. Right: 'Bobby Qreen (left) 

and "Bobby Linhart. 

Right: winner of the craziest 

category in the Sou'wester 

photo contest; Chip (Pierce (in 

doorway), "Eddie Pupo (on 

skateboard), Cathy gutter 

(beside "Eddie), Lance Boyd 

and Brian "Kjyszewski (climbing 

the wails), Qarrett Brandt (back. 

of head), and Joyce "Yarbrough. 


fAbove: "Wendy Helburn (runner-up in 
Sou'wester photo contest). "Pyramid photo at 
(eft : S-11. stage band. Immediate (eft: 
"Deanna "Devine. Below: Qavin. 'Bottom, left 
to right: "Mike "Young, Tim Smith, Willy 
Theoni, %ae PLnne "\'illanueva. 


Sou wester 

esidence Living 



v { -' : ' / ''W / ' : ^¥' / l' : --P\ 


" ; ST 

'' : ::f' : fy : '7 



Middle, left: Suzanne Stahl, Lori Baur, 
Cathy fuller, %Achel Joote, 9{ancy 
Odageland, Laura runyen, %artn 
Lawler, iHeather Miller. 'Top, left: 
Sylvia (Paterson and9{prma Castaneda. 
'Right: 2nd floor, West L.%. 'Below, 
left to right: Jorge 1)iaz, Monica Cjuti- 
errez, Monica Letts, Jose 'Jabio 
Qarnier, fiorella Cerutti. 

'Bottom, left: Suzanne 
Staid (winner in 
Sou'wester photo contest 
\in dorm living category). 
Left: "%uter %gckj>" men 
John, %on, fredand 

Maria Tfeiffer (left) 
and Jeni lFle?c Qtvinn. 

ITT^'t/ Zlll 

Top, left: Angle Cooky and Julie 
West (runner-up in Sou xvester photo 
contest, roommate category) . Above: 
Cally Coleman (left) and Michelle 
Mielly. Top, far right: Melissa Miller 
andLynne McCreary. Center: Janet 
"Henderson (left) and "Wendy Helburn. 
Middle, far right (left to right): 
Leigh Qard and Candy "Bloom, 
suitemates to Lorie "Kfing and Tatty 
Sanchez. Center, bottom: %aehel 
foote (left) and Cathy "fuller. "Bot- 
tom, far right: Anna Cooper (left) and 
"Heidi Letuis. 


eople of Southwestern 


Left: Sammy Miller of the S- 11. snackbar and 
commons. 'Bottom, [eft (Left to right): feticia 
Leonard., Sllan (Brady, 'David dickering at the 
Independent -party. 'Below. 'Bob Stage (right) 
of the commons congratulates Mom's 'Best 
(Recipe contest winner Shelby Molt. 

'K- . 


%ight: JanSchuCtz ([eft), 'Monty Curtis (center) 
and Jan Pickett (with ball) play basketbailwith 
other staff members at a varsity game half- time. 

1 J -^J 

g^3r WW| 

Above: Seniors %ate Butler and Duncan 
Cormie on the veranda of the Bishops Memo- 
rial Union. Above, right: Debbie Sanderfer of 
the financial aid department and junior Steve 

\Student employees of the commons prepare for 
'J-falhwcen night. Left to right: %pbert 
Tozvle, Wayne Sorreii, David Sulkpwski, 
Steve Lucas. 


Sou wester 



Left: Jay Richards. 
Sibove: clockwise., 
starting in bottom Cejt 
corner- Annabelle 
Ibanez, Scott Sandoval, 
Chip 'Pierce, John 
Cochran, leather 'Miller, 
Justin Carr, Joyce c far- 
borough, Q arret 'Brandt, 
Mike %£.us, Lynette 

Right: 'Brent Seaks and 
'Valerie Qriffith. 
'Bottom, left: Laurn 
Davis (left), %endra 
Tract a (middle) and 
Mary !Ann Humphreys. 

%aren Schxilze and friend. 'Winner in the 
Sou'zuester photo contest in the candid 

'Bohdy ^Hedgcock, 

'Middle., top: OQm Bartkgxoicz 
and Jeff 'Bennett. 

Middle, 2nd from top: %enee with 

her first try at a student /".©.. photo 

Middle, third from top: Monica 

Qutierrez (left) and Monica Letts 

Bottom, middle: Taulfranz. 

Top, right: J ana Branson (left), 

Scott Sharp, and (Beverly 'Elliott. 

Bottom, right: John Carpenter (left), 

and Quentin "Riley.. 


Sou wester 


etting Away From It All 

Spring 'Break. 'Below, left to right: %at Callaway, 
Sarah (Press ly. Lama 'Kimball, and CaraSandstrum up 
a tree, -without apaddle at Lake Amistad, Te^as. (win- 
ner in Sou'wester photo contest, school holidays cate- 

'Bottom, left to right: 'Mike 9(siao, friend and ' Shunil 
Jacob enjoy their Spring ' South Tadre 
island with frequent trips to Mexico and places like 

.-:-■■■■■■ •-•>vv.,v .-' "■■'■"■.<■''■".-.'. '',;■•-'■■■'>'■ ^ . 




A weekend awaxj. 

'Right, (left to right): %at 

Rguire , Trey Wackman, 

(Palmer 9{euhaus, and Cole 

Widney after shooting a 

music video on 'Bourbon 

Street in 9{ew Orleans. Alt 

Went down for the S- 11./ 

LS-11. lacrosse game. 

(winner in Sou'wester photo 

contest, sweetheart 


fail Breaks Left, left to 
right: 9{ancy (Parker, Joan 
Thompson and Michelle 
Mielly at Tat O'Brien's in 
9{ew Orleans for a drink_on 
the terrace. 

(Winner in Sou'wester 
photo contest, school 
holidays category) 

Camping and Wilderness. Move, left 

to right: Michelle (Hudson, Julie West and 

Stacy (flanders accompany the Camping 

and Wilderness Skills class (right) trip to 

Lost Maples State (Park, (above photo, 

winner in Sou'wester photo contest, sports 


Summer fun. Larly'S 7 summer rains provided plenty of material for 
these tubers. Left to right: TLlynCKonts, e Witt94cCatt, lien Sherman, 
Lori 'Dunham, T>oug Qerrard and 'Heidi Lewis (front). 

Georgetown sites we remember... 

Tnt rolling roads. " <3 ^* fwuse " on ^ utt0 wcui - 

The xvide open fields. %&& bridge and the San (fabrid 

Te?ras wild flowers, lyiver. 
The cattle. 

■ - < 

Tike (Place. 

The old cotton gin on Oiutto road. 



lis 1 * 

•.Ilk \*JL^^ 



- flxMA tMsvrnz. 

ttati, Mma Mater Oiaii to Southwestern 

Qtory to thy name, 'Ever thine are zve, 

LoyaC voices blend to sing Oiearts of youth ever sing thy truth 

'Thy everlasting fame. And he faithful unto thee. 

I N IS \.-'j^ 


- and fait ft alio ays has 

'been, is, and always will 

' " % imperative. dhat one 

not <m£u be engaged in the 

Amorous pursuit of 

knowledge -- always 

pus (ting bacf^the frontiers 

learning ■- but also 

hfiat one be deeply 

committed to the sacred 

concept of the zvorth and 

dignity of person. " 

Quote from the 'Statement By the. 
'President, ' Commencement Convoca- 
tion, 'May 7, 1988 

Carmen OQ-Uner 

— - 'E'dhoiCs Special Trtwtxs — 

'Williamson Coun ty Sun T> avid Spr ague 

'JJan'jo^au carmen s^cuner rviu-iumsun ^uu.m,yju.n ^iwui^iwyi«. 

Von & Mary ?fcins 'Ben & QxJtn Sherman heritage Printing & Supplies 14 'aynt TtUrsdW Wograpfiy Ifo Matin i ask Com] 

/ ( 

O ; C E A 

A O R 7 II 

pa c / f t v __ ft jC- J-~ -A -%■--'-'-'- - T ~~~ 





) 1 \ X 


P A 

O C E A 





. ■ ■ 


■■ •, - • 


"vai — - • 



\ \\ -A > 

:\I \ \\ • 

AM£iUCA * x \ N ^ 

\ \\ v 

\ \ * \ 

r l i .v 
t: a Jv 

T 'f 11 
T I ( 

rn ~c 

III c 

V \ jg 

V • 

\ ; A jihE ft 


\ : 

!• l\l 

' :; ^/ ' 


JDraie ! 5 < r a i t